Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Mikes Auto Repair" urban oil painting and Model study

This business is located under the 11th street overpass in Bremerton. I went by there again this week and they had spray painted the whole building... doors ,trim ,windows,... everything.... a kind of baby poo yellow ..So glad I got this painting before they did that. 18x24 oil on stretched canvas $450.00
Well I found a figure drawing class on Bainbridge Island. It will be good to get back to painting the figure...thats the best practice... I'll try to post what I do there. My first two paintings went to my friend Todd and I forgot to get pictures.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Arts in the Woods" 07

I remembered to pull out the camera on Saturday. This is an oil painting of a sketch that was posted a while back.
Lots of folks came by on Fri. and Sat. We sold many paintings and had a great time talking to all the people that were touring all the studios.
Out of my comfort zone painting in front of lots of people and working on portrait and figure work.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Arts in the Woods" and Veterans Day

Sorry for the lack of blog entries lately. I'm sitting here amazed by my own stupidity. I spent the whole day yesterday just having a blast talking with folks, selling paintings, prints and cards..Then I went over to fellow artists Tom and Dave Layton for an excellent dinner before we went to an opening show at Westsound Acadamy for artist illustrator Richard Jesse Watson......... and I did not take one picture to post on my blog. I even did a demo painting and didn't get a picture. So..... nothing today but some great links to check out.... but don't worry I'll get lots of pics today.

Good friend and great artist Derek Gundy illustrated a video for Vietnam Veteran and musician Blind Albert. Check it out and say thanks to a vet this weekend!