Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Moss Landing" California, coastal, pleinair, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Moss Landing"  8x10 oil on panel  $330

After the Plein Air convention was over my wife, Ann flew home and my son Maury flew into the San Jose airport, We planned on having a week to paint together in California .
 Our first stop was Moss Landing where we did a painting and then stayed in Nancy Russell's funky bed and breakfast that I found on Air B&B.

I realized not much has changed since Maury was at home ...I still get up early and he still sleeps late....

Nancys B&B

Looking forward to a great week painting in sunny California!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Just Us" California, coastal, plein air,oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Just Us"  8x10 oil on linen panel   $330

 The Portola Hotel is just a walk away from Fisherman's Wharf  in Monterey.  It was one of the planned locations for all of us to paint during the Plein Air Convention.  Since it was a grey day I picked a close cropped composition of this sailboat to paint.  ...Plus I liked the name!!  This friendly sea gull kept me company....but only because of my clam strip snacks...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Carmel Mission" California, coastal, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"San Carlos Borremeo de Carmelo Mission"  10 x10 oil on panel   $380
The Mission in Carmel is the first adobe style mission I have been to. When we arrived and I started looking around I immediately wanted to start a painting. It was that inspiring for me!.

I began by making a quick sketch on my plexiglass panel. This helps me proportion the composition quickly. I then do a underpainting drawing with a small brush and a mix of Trans Red Oxide and orange.

Maury and I working at the Carmel Mission

 Maury and I came back a few days later when I got the chance to finish the painting. 

Back in the studio I did a few minor touch ups.

Monday, June 02, 2014

"Point Lobos Cypress" California, coastal, plein air. oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Point Lobos Cypress"  8x6 oil on panel sold
The weather changed yet again and the fog rolled in by the time I finished my painting of Whalers Cove. I wanted to get one more so I stopped on the trail, set up and did this quick 8x6. I think it may be a candidate for a larger painting?

Yes!   You need to go here!   =]