Monday, January 04, 2016

"Catch of the Day" plein air, marinescape by Robin Weiss

"Catch of the Day"  10x12 oil on panel    Quick Draw PTP 2015     Sold

A feature of most plein air painting events is the Quick Draw competition. Participating artists have a set time, in this case two hours to complete a painting from start to finish. The paintings are then brought back to the gallery and judged. I didn't win an award for my quick draw  painting but a lovely couple who watched me paint it, just as they promised,came to the exhibition and purchased it.

Quick draw, Paint the Peninsula 2015

For some reason I was fooling around back at the Fine Art Center trying to frame a painting when I looked up and saw that everyone was gone. ...Then I realized that they all left for the quick draw!  I had a plan to go back to City Pier where I painted two years ago at PTP2013 so hopped in the van and raced down...Several artists were already set up and so I grabbed a spot and tossed my gear together late as usual! God was merciful and the painting just flowed on like someone else was painting and not me! Love when that happens!  
I was done in an hour and a half.............=]

Two years ago when I painted at City Pier in Port Angeles it was raining!  For fun, here's a video I took that day.

 It's the new year but I'm still posting last years paintings...oh resolution, again, to try and keep up this year!...we'll see.........Happy New Year Friends!