Saturday, February 13, 2021

"Ettas" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Ettas" 11x13 oil on linen  $800
Available through the Cole Gallery


It's nice to remember those pleasant excursions into Seattle pre-pandemic, when you could sit in the sun and have a wonderful lunch at any of hundreds of great sidewalk cafes around the city. Those times have radically changed over the last few years starting with political unrest, riots the covid pandemic and now a combination of all three. With the division fueled by polarized politics and misinformation it's hard to feel there is anything one person can do. It may be why folks are turning more to the arts for creative and mental refreshment.  I know I am selling more art than ever right now and the studio is a refuge for Leigh and myself who continue to make art and teach art.


"December"  20x20 oil on linen
Available through the Cole Gallery

"Ettas" somehow fell through the cracks on my blog.  It was painted in early 2019 for a gallery show in Seattle and was one that never sold. I lost track of it till recently and now it will be in a new exhibition at the Cole Galley in Edmonds, WA through March 4th 2021. If you get the chance, Cole Gallery is still open for viewing art. (following pandemic protocols we are now very familiar with.)

Check out the Cole Gallery website HERE or call Denise for more info at 425-697-2787

Stay safe and stay positive. I'm confident we will be able to eat out at our favorite sidewalk cafe again soon ...without a mask!  =]

Monday, February 01, 2021

"Winslow in the Rain" original oil painting by Robin Weiss

Winslow in the Rain   20x10  SOLD

I participated in a group show at the Roby King Gallery back in 2019 and never posted many of the paintings.....but the work continues to sell!!  PTL!  Never too late to post sold paintings..  =]   If you get a chance head on over to the Roby King website and see the work available from local fine artists. Many of my friends and painting buddies show there.

Speaking of shows, currently I am participating in a featured artist exhibition titled "From City to Country" at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA . It will feature a wide variety of  paintings done in the last several years of Seattle and the surrounding beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  See all the work HERE

"The Way Home" 15x30 oil on linen   $1800
Cole Gallery   425-697-2787