Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"The Auto Parts Seller" Kampala, Uganda, Africa,

This man was selling auto parts along the road in Kampala. I was drawn to the colors and texture of the old shipping containers and shacks set up as businesses. The bustle of the city is an orchestration of movement, color , sounds and smells all coming together to intoxicate the senses. 12x12 oil on canvas sold

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Spirea" painting demo

I took a break in my Africa work to do a presentation on drawing landscapes on site. then I did a plein air painting demonstration for Leigh's Olympic College class on Tuesday night. It was a nice break and a good warm up for some oil painting workshops I would like to do later in the summer. 9x12 oil on stretched canvas...$200.00

Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Solitary Sentinel" Elephant on the Nile, Northern Uganda

I agonized over this painting, trying to get the light the way I remembered it......problem is there was no direct light that day just a light...presence.....a rich and saturated tropical light with no direction......so hard to communicate on canvas and I'm afraid I failed to render it with the power I was hoping for but all in all it's a painting I am satisfied with.......I wish the photo could give a sense of the scale........this painting is oil on stretched canvas 18x36..........This is one of the amazing scenes I took in,.. cruising down the Nile river on the way to Murchison Falls in Northern Uganda. click on the image for an enlarged view.......... email me at robinweiss@earthlink.net for information regarding sale of the original painting or quality reproductions of this or any of my work....
Heres a close up of the bull elephant that was standing as if "posing " for his picture to be taken.....What magnificent creatures.......and they run wild and free in some of the most spectacular wilderness in the world!....

Here's a sketch of my next painting, an auto parts seller in Kampala...........

Saturday, July 12, 2008

"The Primary School" New Hope Kasana, Uganda, Africa

The very light and atmosphere is tropical in Uganda. So different from the cool blues of the Pacific Northwest.....The dirt roads are all a rust red color and the light is warm and saturated by the equatorial sun....This little girl was fascinated by the new team from America and ran over to greet us , still a bit shy...
The completed painting is 16 x 20 , oil on stretched canvas, Sold

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sketches from Uganda

Sketches of the kids playing around the primary school at New Hope Kasana in Uganda , Africa. I enjoyed watching them run and play , their laughter ringing out in the mornings, always so full of joy.
Kids would also run out and greet us as we were passing by on foot or in the vans.
This huge bull elephant came down to the rivers edge to drink and nibble on the tender grass as we were cruising down the Nile river at Murchison Falls in northern Uganda.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Page from the Journal, Uganda

What an amazing adventure! Greetings!,.... and as they say in Uganda, you are most welcome! Thank you for visiting "In Plein Air" and for all the comments........It's good to be back even though I am experiencing some jet lag and a bit of post trip depression. My time in Uganda at New Hope was an awesome experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life......The people , warm and welcoming, the kids, despite the challenges that they face, full of joy and laughter.....and the land of Uganda, spectacular in it's beauty, diversity and wildlife........the very atmosphere, rich with the exotic heartbeat of a nation full of the hope and promise of Gods blessing....
Ann and myself at the top of Murchison Falls in northern Uganda. It was great to be able to spend time with Ann and to be able to encourage her in the work she is doing at New Hope. Ann serves as a nurse in the clinic there along with her coworker, Roget. There is always a steady stream of kids and villagers, coming in for various treatments,......malaria taking it's toll on many.

I am anxious to get started working on the images and sketches that I did in Uganda and will post more about my trip as I have time. Thanks again for stopping by!