Monday, December 17, 2018

"Fall Leaves with Persimmon and Silver" still life painting by Robin Weiss

"Fall Leaves with Persimmon and Silver  10x10 oil on panel

Next in the Persimmon Series. This one is available at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA. I never get enough of trying to render the reflections in silver objects and especially this teapot!
Metal objects are great subjects to practice drawing and painting. They sort of force you to do close observation of value, color and edge work. When I am teaching in the studio I always make my students practice on an old camp coffee pot.....Pull yours out and give it a try....=]

Saturday, December 15, 2018

"Persimmon Kiss" still life painting by Robin Weiss

"Persimmon Kiss" 8x8 oil on panel   Sold

Leigh came over and set a Hersheys Kiss down while I was painting this persimmon....Okeedokee =]

Friday, December 14, 2018

"Persimmon with Sugar Bowl" Still life painting by Robin Weiss

"Persimmon with Sugar Bowl"  8x8 oil on panel   Sold

My friend Ruth gave me a handful of persimmons. I love persimmons! paint that is.  The rich red/orange color makes great reflections and sings against the cool greys of silver objects. I pulled out my vintage silver set to do a series of still life paintings. I added the red dish to enhance the color intensity.
It's winter now outside the studio window....cold rain and wind..Perfect time to stay in and create! Hope your doing the same!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"Goose Trio" plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Goose Trio"  8x8 oil on panel     Sold

I took a drive earlier this fall to the Finnriver Farm and Cidery after reading about it in the newspaper. It's a very cool combination farm,cidery,pizza restaurant,community gathering place and more!!  The gardens even this late in the season had beautiful sunflowers blooming but what caught my attention were these honkers! They are fenced in between the rows of orchard trees to pick bugs and slugs and leave fertilizer. Great idea!

This little goose painting sold at Arts in the Woods Studio Tour this year. If you didn't get a chance to make it you can always come next year!!  Always the second weekend in November! Check out the Cultural Arts Website to find out more about AITW! 

Have fun out there!

Sunday, December 02, 2018

"Field Apples" plein air, apple painting by Robin Weiss

"Field Apples" 16x8 oil on panel    Sold

After I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon painting these apples in the field on the Knowles Studio grounds I picked a bagful and made some pies. The apples are small but they pack a punch in a pie! Ha!

       What's Coming Up

There are several venues where you can view my recent work in the next several months.

The American Art Co shows Plein Air Washington Artists end of the year group show "The Journey"

The Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island will be hosting a group show of their represented artists  this December 2018, opening on the First Friday Artwalk , Dec 7th

I will be having a featured artist show at the Michael Birawer Gallery in Seattle in March 2019, opening on the second Thursday, March 14th

The Scott Milo Gallery in Anacordas will host a group show in March

The Poulsbohemian Coffee Shop in my hometown of Poulsbo will be showing an assortment of local paintings and prints in January.