Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring Flowers in Watercolor, still lifes

Saturday unexpectedly turned out to be an awesome sunny beautiful day. Since I had to be at the studio anyhow to meet buyers I decided to paint as many watercolors as I could. Here are a few of the ones I did in the morning. I cut all these flowers, mostly Rhodie's, out of my yard and put them in buckets to take to the studio. 6x6 w/c on hot press arches paper sold
You can get a sense of the brightness of the sun. I have a white line on my neck from my painting apron 8x10 w/c on h/p arches sold
I have these dinner plate size Tree Peonies just coming out. I try to paint them every year and can never seem to get the vibrant color right. 6x6 w/c on h/p arches sold
14x14 w/c on Arches hot press paper. This is a blurry image, sorry. For purchase you can contact me at

Friday, May 09, 2008

"Rova Road" oil , landscape painting

This was a hard painting to get an accurate image of . It's about as close as I can get.

A typical scene driving down back roads in the Pacific Northwest with the sun just coming up in the morning. The towering fir trees cut back in the middle for the power lines to run through.
I take all this in on my morning run before work, thanking God for two good eyes to see the natural beauty of His awesome creation.

I seem to be drawn to these "lonely road" paintings.........maybe because I am walking a lonely road right now........My girl away in Uganda for another year, faithfully serving God in ministering to the needs of the orphans and village children at New Hope Kasana. Bringing the love of the Father to the fatherless. I will be joining a team from Calvary Chapel South going out to New Hope in June for two weeks. I will share my adventures and hopefully my artwork of the amazing people and beautiful land of Uganda with you all as I have the opportunity.

14x18 oil on stretched canvas, $385.00 sold

Monday, May 05, 2008


Pears are just fun to paint!.........5x7 oil on stretched canvas $ the way all my stretched canvas paintings are painted all around the edges so they can be hung unframed if you like. sold

contact me at Thanks!

Friday, May 02, 2008

"Seattle City Street" urban landscape, oil painting

Walking to Pioneer Square from the ferry at Coleman dock you go right past this little side street with the old brownstone brick buildings. I love the color and texture of old brick.

14x18, oil on stretched canvas $385.00 plus shipping at about $30.00 for this size painting me at I keep forgetting to add the dimensions and price....SOLD