Friday, September 23, 2022

"Morning Shore" Whidbey Island Plein Air painting by Robin Weiss

"Morning Shore" 6x8 oil on panel      Sold


This was the first painting I did down by the Keystone Ferry during the Whidbey Island Plein Air competition.  The morning mist was just lifting and the soft shapes of driftwood and distant homes were appearing out of the fog. I laid my underpainting down quickly and then squinting I put in the dark and light shapes I saw not concerned yet with nouns but more with other words, not things but light and dark shapes. then going back in and modeling the cool light in the distance to the warmer tones in the foreground. This painting never made it into the show but is one of my favorites.

Monday, September 19, 2022

"Red Tailed Hawk" Whidbey Island Plein Air painting by Robin Weiss

"Red Tailed Hawk" 6x8 oil on panel  SOLD


This small 6x8 was painted in the same area I did Cemetery Road. A birder with a scope spotted the hawk near me while I was painting and I ticked it in with my rigger brush.  I traded this painting for an extra day at the BnB I was staying on the island. My host was happy and so was I!  

Saturday, September 17, 2022

"Cemetery Road" Whidbey Island Plein Air painting by Robin Weiss

"Cemetery Road" 10x20 oil on panel, framed   $1000


Another from the Whidbey Island event in August 2022.  We went up to Cemetery road a couple times. There are some sweeping views of Ebeys Landing and other cool stuff to paint. I liked the shadow patterns coming across the road in this scene with the added benefit of Mount Baker in the distance. This painting is still available! Call me if you are interested!  =]   360-779-3940

Friday, September 16, 2022

"Obstruction Point" Whidbey Island Plein Air, painting by Robin Weiss

"Obstruction Point" 9x12 oil on panel   SOLD


There has been lots going on including just wrapping up yet another plein air event in Edmonds , WA. More on that later... First I want to finish up posting the paintings I completed for the Whidbey Island Plein Air competition.  This was a spot I have never been to on Whidbey. A great little state park with a picturesque beach and ...This view!  It sold pretty quick at the show   =] 

                                           Thanks to all who are following along!! 

Thursday, September 08, 2022

"Leaving Keystone" Whidbey Island Plein Air, and Edmonds Plein Air

"Leaving Keystone" 9x12 oil on panel $600

 Two events are happening at the same time this month!  Maury and I are opening a Featured Artist show together at the Front Street Gallery on Saturday the 10th and I am participating in the Edmonds Plein Air Paintout with an opening on the 15th at the Cole Gallery! Hope you can make it to one or both!! Follow the links for more info!