Wednesday, December 02, 2020

"Black Eyed Susans" Landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Black Eyed Susans" 24x18 oil on canvas


I continued to work from some of the photo reference taken on our trip to Skagit Valley in September.  This is the same farm talked about in a previous post near LaConnor, WA. 

 This painting shows how you can render a large mass of, in this case flowers, receding into the distance  losing detail and hard edges as it recedes back. Because yellow is the first color to fade out in the distance this mass of Black Eyed Susans also goes purple as it goes back. These are ways you can achieve atmospheric perspective in a painting. You can also create the illusion of depth using linear perspective, where the parallel lines draw to a vanishing point on the horizon line as they recede. This painting is a good example of both techniques to achieve depth.

Of all the "Smoked" paintings in the series this one probably received the most comments and quickly sold when I posted it on facebook. Thanks so much to all of you who follow me on the blog and social media!! So thankful for all of you! I wish you every blessing in the coming year!

We did not have our studio tour, Arts in the Woods this year due to covid but because I had so many requests we decided to have Robin Weiss Fine Art desk calendars made again this year.....So if you were hoping to get one at the studio tour, the good news is you can order them from my website at HERE

Thanks again!!