Tuesday, November 05, 2019

"The Swan at Versailles" Paris travelogue by Robin Weiss

The Swan at Versailles   10x14 oil on panel

Back in the studio for the winter I have been going through all the picture ref. and sketches, working on larger paintings.  This swan was one of those images that I kept going back to and needed to get out of my head so I spent a peaceful afternoon rendering my version in oil paint.!
This elegant bird was gliding around in the Grand Canal at Versailles on a beautiful sunlit afternoon as Ann and I were touring the grounds. We had just finished the guided tour through the palace and were on our own for the rest of the day.

Boaters on the Grand Canal
Getting to Versailles from Paris is easy! You take one train and it goes direct to Versailles. Of course we did it with our amazing Rick Steve's guide, Veronique but you can do it on your own!

It is worth the effort to get there. The palace and the art work inside is something that can only be seen in very few places around the world.  Get a guide if you can, to understand more fully the rich history behind all this extravagance!

Also, start early!  You will have the best viewing earlier before the crowds get there!  Save the gardens for the afternoon and then have dinner in town. There are lots of great little places a short walk from the palace. After dinner hop on the train back to Paris for coffee or cocktails at a cafe.... =]

We are back in the states now and back to our usual routines. One of those is the annual artists studio tour in North Kitsap called Arts in the Woods.  I will be at the Knowles Studio again for the tenth year!  It's always the best time to visit the studio, especially if you are looking for a special gift of original fine art for someone special.

 Arts in the Woods is coordinated by the Cultural Arts Foundation Northwest.  Click HERE for more info on Arts in the Woods and CAFNW

The Cultural Arts Foundation is a non profit dedicated to encouraging students in the arts to further their education by providing grants and opportunities for creative pursuits. If you live in the North Kitsap area, do contact them especially if you are interested in serving our arts community in this way.

Thanks and hope to see you at the Knowles Studio this weekend, Fri, Sat ,Sun, Nov 8th,9th and 10th 2019