Monday, August 19, 2019

Illwaco Marina, plein air oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Illwaco Marina"  9x12 , plein air oil,    $600

I tried this view again the following day in Illwaco. It was a pleasant spot to set up on the grass and close to coffee and bathrooms..There were a lot of people who came by to offer encouragement and that's always nice..  This is the last painting from the Cape Disappointment paint out with PAWA. From here we traveled to the town of Maupin, Oregon to raft the Deschutes River!  I only did one small painting near Maupin but took a lot of photos to paint from this winter!!  

Hope you get some positive encouragement today!!
Have fun out there!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

"Willapa Bay" plein air, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Willapa Bay"   9x12 oil on panel    $600

This is the salt water estuary near Illwaco, WA.  When I scouted this location during the PAWA paintout at Cape Disappointment the fog had rolled in creating a beautiful atmosphere for this scene. I love how the mist simplifies the shapes for you and creates a mysterious feeling.

When I first set up my easel the fog was so thick water was collecting in my paint box and running down my panel. I packed up and waited for it to lift a little and then set up again.

If you get caught up in detail trying to paint outside, wait for a nice foggy day and give it a try.  Have fun out there!   =]

Thursday, August 08, 2019

"Jessie's Illwaco Fish Co" plein air, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Jessies Illwaco Fish Co."  8x10 oil    $500

There is a great benefit to hanging out for a few days in a new painting location. You get to do some exploring and find hidden locations you didn't expect.  That's what happened when Ann and I stumbled on the little fishing community of  Illwaco during the Cape Disappointment paint out with the Plein Air Washington Painters.  We spent the next two days painting around this marina town with it's commercial fish processing plant, cool strip of shops and seafood restaurants and even a salt water estuary on the back side.....just great stuff for an artist!!  Stay tuned for more studio paintings from all the reference sketches and pics!

At O'l Bobs Restaurant in Illwaco

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

"North Head Lighthouse" Cape Disappointment, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"North Head Lighthouse" 8x10 oil on panel  $500

The whole gang met at the parking lot in Beards Hollow the next morning.  This is a great place to paint especially for a group!  You can park very close to great views of the North Head Lighthouse and the beach.

I love the way the atmosphere is always changing here. Every time I come to this spot it is different and sometimes very dramatic depending on the time of year.

To the left are Plein Air Washington Artists members gearing up for a fun day of painting in the park.

Below is a painting I did a few years ago in the same spot but very different conditions.  

North Head Lighthouse in the fog   plein air painting done in 2013    sold

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Last Light of Day" plein air, Cape Disappointment,oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Last Light of Day"  6x12 oil on panel   $500

Recently, Ann and I went on a great road trip down to Colorado to visit the Oh Be Joyful Gallery in Crested Butte where I was scheduled to do a demo and paint a few days in the area. We planned a few side trips including a paint out with the Plein Air Washington Artists at Cape Disappointment.

Brooke painting at the Lighthouse

Excited about being in this stunning area again, Brooke Borcherding and I headed for the North Head Lighthouse to try and capture the sunset.  It was a great way to begin the paintout!

If you are interested in joining a great group of fun loving and dedicated plein air artists, consider joining PAWA or The Plein Air Washington Artists.  These guys have painting trips planned all summer long and usually very well attended. It really is the best way to develop your skills as a PA artist. Check out the website HERE

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

"Rainbow Bridge" plein air, marine painting by Robin Weiss

"Rainbow Bridge" 11x14 oil on linen  $900

When I visited LaConnor earlier this year I was happy to see this sailboat tied up at the dock. I have painted it before....a couple times.. and thought "What the heck, I'll try it again.

LaConnor has a great walkway all along the waterfront in town that provides good views of the harbor and provides enough room to set up an easel......That's why we paint here a lot! 

BTW, If you are in town check out the Seaside Gallery! 

View Catcher  
To paint this complicated view and get the proportions right I used some tools in my kit.  A "View Catcher" and a plexi "grid"  called Quick Comp. 

These tools allow you to compose easier and make a quick sketch of a scene that may have many complicated elements and perspectives.

 If you are a beginner and have problems getting boats in perspective using these tools can help you see how the forms "lay down" on a 2 D surface.  Both can be found online at Dick Blick.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

"The Black Bird Bakery" Bainbridge Island oil painting by Robin Weiss

"The Black Bird Bakery"  8x16 oil on panel       Sold

This is one of the paintings sold during the opening of our group show at the Roby King Gallery last night.  It was a demo painting I did for the Port Ludlow Art League in the spring. It has a plein air feel to it even though I was working from a photo because I was working fast and for an audience. I had about an hour to complete this painting.  Sometimes it really pays off to work fast. It forces you to simplify shapes and have an immediacy to your brushwork..

The opening was well attended and lots of fun. If you were there, thanks for coming!!  The show will be up for the month of July so even if you didn't get a chance to come out for the opening you can still see the work in July.

In Winslow check out the Roby King Gallery

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

"Pritchard Beach" Bainbridge Island oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Pritchard Beach"  20x24 oil on canvas    $2200

I'm posting one more painting promoting an upcoming group show at the Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island . The exhibition will feature iconic locations on BBI and will open during First Friday Artwalk . Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

"Wenatchee River Winter" Landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Wenatchee River Winter"   16x20 oil on canvas       SOLD

My featured artist exhibition at the Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo will come down on the 7th of July so if you haven't seen it yet pop over to Poulsbo and check it out!  Poulsbo is a pretty little marina town with lots of great restaurants and shops! 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Eagle Harbor Homestead" Bainbridge Island, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Eagle Harbor Homestead"  10x12 oil on panel    $700
available at the Roby King Gallery

I painted this while hanging out with the Bainbridge crew down by the gas station in Eagledale. You may be wondering who the Bainbridge crew is...A small group of local artists who find any excuse to hang out and paint...and eat...and drink...together..Here are a few of their websites in case you're one of those people who like to follow threads where they lead...

Nancy Filsinger
Gigi Godfrey
There are a few others who show up but this is probably the core group.

If you like this painting and want to see more of my work, stop by the Roby King Gallery on Bainbridge Island. I'll be there on July 5th 2019 for the opening of a group show featuring scenes of BBI.
If you are in Edmonds stop by the Cole Gallery for a real treat. So many great artists there!
In Seattle, I have Seattle city scenes at the Michael Birawer Gallery on 1st Ave.
I have a Featured Artist exhibition at the Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo through June 2019

That's it for now! Have fun out there!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"The New Rose Cafe" Bainbridge Island oil painting by Robin Weiss

"The New Rose Cafe" 20x20 oil on linen   $1600
available at the Roby King Gallery

Continuing on with my series of Bainbridge Island scenes that will be featured at the Roby King Gallery in Winslow, opening July 5th, here is the "New Rose Cafe."

If you are looking for a fun place to have lunch and browse beautiful blooming flowers and plants at the same time....visit Bainbridge Gardens nursery on Miller Road !  I stopped by one day and spent over an hour sketching ...and lunching...and browsing..Such a great hidden spot on BBI!

BTW  I also have a Featured Artist Exhibition showing at the Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo Wa. through the month of July.  Treat yourself to a fun day-cation and visit the "Little Town on the Fjord" this summer.....You won't be sorry! 

Featured Artists Exhibition, Front Street Gallery Poulsbo, WA

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

"Gigis Beach" oil, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Gigis Beach"   6x10 oil on panel   Sold
available at the Roby King Gallery

There is a small group of artists that get together now and then to paint ....mostly on Bainbridge Island.  That's why I already had a few paintings like the one above to start my recent series depicting scenes of the island. This work along with 12 other recent oil paintings will be on display at the Roby King Gallery for the month of July. The opening is during First Friday Artwalk in Winslow on Friday the 5th. Hope you can make it!

Friday, June 21, 2019

"Breakfast at the Black Bird" Bainbridge Island oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Breakfast at the Black Bird "  14x18 oil on linen    Sold

I'll get right to it...This painting will be on display at the Roby King Gallery in July as part of a three person group show. With me in the gallery will be Pamela Wachtler and Ninalee Irani. This show is in conjunction with and will be a benefit for the Bainbridge Island Land Trust that does so much to help preserve key natural and historical properties on BBI.

To see all the work I will have in the exhibition at Roby King visit my website HERE

Opening Night will be during the First Friday Artwalk in Winslow on July 5th. All the galleries in town will be open late and it is always a pleasure to hang out in Winslow on a warm summer night with friends and visit the shops and galleries in town.  Stop by and say hi to the artists at the Roby King. We would love to see you!

It has been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened!  I participated in the Two Rivers Plein Air Festival in New Braunfels Texas where I received the Artists Choice Award and then drove down to California to participate in the Carmel Art Festival.  I am currently the featured artist at the Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo and recently joined my grand daughter Brooklyn and son Maury at Paint Out Poulsbo. Brooklyn won First Place in her age division and Maury won Second Place.  I did a demo for the Cole Gallery in Edmonds and will be traveling down to Colorado in July to do one at the Oh Be Joyful Gallery in Crested Butte......sheesh...sounds like a lot but there was more! I want to post about all these events on the blog eventually but that may take all winter! Ha!!  Anyway...stay tuned for more adventures In Plein Air!

Painting at the Carmel Riverfront Park during the Carmel Art Festival 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

"Point no Point Lighthouse" plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Point no Point Lighthouse"  16x8 oil on panel
Accepted into the Little Gems Show, Scott Milo Gallery.

Walked the bird sanctuary trail at Point no Point a few weeks ago to get out of the studio. It was quiet and lovely with the winter colors still hanging on to the spirea and wild rose.
If you search back in the blog you will see quite a few paintings from this area. I have been coming here since moving to this area 30 years ago. My first painting of this lighthouse was in watercolor which was my media of choice at that time.
You can stay here now at what used to be the lighthouse keepers house. It would be a real special getaway.....You should check it out....=]

This painting was accepted into the Little Gems Show. It will be on exhibition along with a lot of other great art from the Plein Air Washington Artists at the Scott Milo Gallery . The show will open during art walk in Anacordes, WA on June 7th. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 04, 2019

"Magpie" original oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Magpie"  8x10 oil on panel  

Went back through my photos from last years trip to Central City Colorado. I stopped in Jackson, Wyoming to paint for a few days and took a lot of photos. This magpie was sitting on a fence outside my cabin and I captured a few poses.
Took a few days off from painting while I was building frames and some other wood working and this was my warm up painting to get limbered up again...

Travel easel

Looking online for a good travel easel and didn't find anything suitable so I made this one similar to my old Coulter style box only smaller. This one is 9x12 and about 2lbs

The ring in the right hand wing holds my turp container. The plastic,nalgene one that Josh Been sells on the Prolific Painter site.

If all goes as planned this box will go to France later this year.....Stay tuned!  =]

Frame blanks

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"La Connor Walk" original oil painting by Robin Weiss

"La Connor Walk"  8x10 oil on panel $400

The sweet little town of La Connor is in my mind as spring approaches...In fact spring came early this year and I am sure the daffodils are out. Time for a trip to Skagit county to paint the flowers!  You should go too!! While your at it stop by the Scott Milo Gallery in Anacordes and see my recent plein air paintings along with this one!

Scott Milo Gallery
420 Commercial Ave, Anacordes, WA 98221

Monday, March 25, 2019

"Sunny Side" Wenatchee River winter painting by Robin Weiss

"Sunny Side"  11x14  oil on panel    $800

Another painting done from reference taken along the Wenatchee River on our family ski trip to Lake Chelan.
The brilliant sunshine creates stark contrast that turns detail into big shapes of light and dark. I get excited about arranging those shapes into a good design. I then model the paint in those shapes with close value passages to suggest the detail and represent the subject as authentically as I can.

This winter work is also available at the Scott Milo Gallery in Anacordes.  You can contact them here.
Scott Milo Gallery
420 Commercial Ave, Anacordes, WA 98221

Saturday, March 23, 2019

"Quiet Cold" Wenatchee River oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Quiet Cold"  9x12 oil on panel  Sold

This was painted from reference photos taken on the way to a family ski trip near Lake Chelan.  We had quite a winter this year and there was already a lot of snow as we came across the Cascade Mountains through Stevens Pass. My son Maury was driving and he pulled off in many spots to take photos. We both paint and we were both wishing there was more time to set up for plein air.

I used a limited palette for this painting focusing mainly on separating light shapes from shadow shapes. I really did not spend much time trying to render any objects until the very end . I wanted the shapes to form visually interesting patterns. As I separated the light from the darks the objects began to be recognizable.  Near the end of the painting I added some "bling" in the foreground grasses and the middle-ground tree shapes. I softened some edges where the snow meets the water and kept some edges crisp along the rim light on the rocks.
The colors in my palette for this painting were,

Titanium White
Warmed in the sunlight and cooled in the shadows, only small bits are pure white.

Yellow Ocher
Used to warm sunlit areas and mixed with Ivory Black or Alizerine for the final touches in the trees and grasses.

Alizerine Crimson
Used with the blues for shadow areas on the snow and for the grasses in the foreground.

Mixed with Ultramarine Blue and Cobalt Blue to get the depth in the water . Also makes a great rock grey when mixed with Alizerine and tinted with Titanium White.

Cobalt Blue
A cool blue essential in a winter scene such as this.

Ultramarine Blue
A warmer blue to add variety in shadow colors and to make rich purple hues when mixed with Alizerine Crimson

Quinacridone Rust
My go to drawing and underpainting color.  Also good for greying mixes, Add to Ultramarine Blue for a rich chromatic black.

Ivory Black
Mixed with Yellow Ocher for grayed greens and Alizerine for grasses and undergrowth.

This painting was entered into The American Impressionist Society national small works show. I'll find out in April if it has been excepted..

Thursday, March 21, 2019

"Finn River Geese" original oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Finn River Geese" 10x10 oil on panel   $600

I keep going back to the Finnriver Farm and Cidery in Chimacum Washington. I posted about it along with another painting of these amazing honkers done earlier in the summer. Click HERE to see that post.
  Using reference photos , I composed the geese in a square format working to get their personality into the gesture. A worn down filbert, hog bristle brush makes a great drawing tool for getting the contour lines down. I am using a new M Graham color..and my new favorite,  Quinacridone Rust as the underpainting color. This  red/orange hue, similar to Transparent Oxide Red but with the color intensity of the Quinacridone colors, harmonizes the painting and peeks through adding a zing to broken color passages.
Since this was done in autumn I am using a limited palette of fall colors:
Titanium White
Most of the white used in rendering the geese has been warmed in the sunlit areas and cooled in the shadow areas. Pure white dabs of paint are used sparingly to draw the eye to the focal point and add sparkle.
Cad Red Light
Used in the warm sunlit mix for grasses, and reflected light on the geese.
Alizerin Crimson
Used as a cool red for shadow color
Cad Yellow
Also used in the mix for warm field grass, and with Cad Red Lt for the Orange of the beaks.
Mixed with Cad Yellow, Quin Rust or Ultramarine Blue for various hues in the grass
Ultramarine Blue
Considered a warm Blue can be mixed with Alizerin for a juicy Lavender /Purple.
Quinacrinone Rust
This is a more intense Sienna Brown. Can be used instead of Transparent Red/Orange Oxide.

I work out the composition using the Quin Rust . I spend the time to do a fairly finished under painting before going in with color. This allows me to work out most of the problem solving concerning composition and value. Then just have fun with the color!

See this painting along with other recent work at The Scott Milo Gallery in Anacordes for the month of March.
Scott Milo Gallery
420 Commercial Ave, Anacordes, WA 98221

Monday, March 18, 2019

"Point Wilson Lighthouse" oil landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Point Wilson Lighthouse"  11x14 oil on linen panel    $800

It is inevitable that your painting will be influenced by artists you admire, workshops you take, experiments in technique that you have the courage to try and many other things but the challenge is to combine all these experiences into your own voice.  The painting above has a lot of a recent Mitch Baird workshop influence in it. Mitch is a great teacher and I would highly recommend him. I learned a lot in his class that I can apply to my painting.
  I was talking with another artist about this subject. Many times after you take an intense workshop you will notice that your work after will suffer or look a lot like the work of the artist you took the workshop from.  Don't worry to much about it and just keep painting!  Eventually your work will return to your own voice if you don't try and force it. The bits of information that stuck in the workshop will become a part of your "toolbox of knowledge" and incorporate in your work.
 In my opinion, if you are just starting out painting, you will also over time, if you don't try to force it, develop your own artistic voice.
The studio painting above also has a lot of "plein air" influence in it. That comes from painting outside from life as much as possible. Don't neglect fresh air and sunshine! Get out and paint on location. That is your best "workshop"!

This painting and a whole group of others influenced by painting on location in the Pacific Northwest is on display at the Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes Washington. Stop by and see the show if you are in town.
Scott Milo Gallery
420 Commercial Ave, Anacordes, WA 98221

Saturday, March 16, 2019

"Autumn Leaves" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Autumn Leaves"  24x36 oil on canvas   $2400
Available at the Michael Birawer Gallery   206-624-7773

What can I say about the Pergola that I haven't said before...Painted this view many times from many different directions. You can go back in my blog archives and see many of them. Pioneer Square is a very cool area of old Seattle that hasn't changed that much over the decades. I love the old Sycamore trees that shade this park and change with the seasons. I decided to go larger with this one. It would make an impressive focal point for any room decor. You can view it in person at:
The Michael Birawer Gallery
1003 1st Ave, Seattle WA 98104

That's the end of the new work displayed at my featured artist show at MBG . I will be moving on to some of the other recent work.  The weather is improving in the Pacific Northwest and I will be outside painting too!! In fact, that's just what I did yesterday!

Eagle Harbor   8x16 oil on panel

Friday, March 15, 2019

"To the Ferry" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss

"To The Ferry" 14x9 oil on panel   $800

I seek out rainy days to travel by ferry to Seattle, then wander the streets risking damage to my camera and taking lots and lots of pictures for reference. It's just fun for me!
I love to try and capture the look of reflected light in the wet streets and the gestures of passing pedestrians with their many colored umbrellas. I've done a bunch of these paintings! You can still view this one at the Michael Birawer Gallery in downtown Seattle , located at 1003 1st Ave right next to the Alexis Hotel. Storyville Coffee is on the other side...a great place to recharge after seeing the local art at MBG....Enjoy!!

"Painting the Guardian Stone"

Recently I have been working with the good folks at the Peninsula Music and Arts Society in my home town of Poulsbo, WA to host Paint Out Poulsbo again this year.

 It will be a juried art show and open plein air competition for students and professionals. The proceeds from this event will be used to fund scholarships for the arts. I will be posting more on this event as time gets closer. If you are interested in joining us or even registering your we are , put this in your phone calendar for June 1st 2019!

"Painting the Guardian Stone" was a plein air painting I did during POP 2018.  It shows my grandson Chase, creating his award winning painting in that event.
This year I will register my grand daughter Brooklyn.
You should enter yours too! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

"Pike Place Pig" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Pike Place Pig"  10x10 oil on panel   $700

I didn't really know what were the origins of the pig sculptures around Seattle....and now all over the PNW, so I did what everybody does these days and googled it. Turns out the first bronze sculpture in Pike Place was a giant piggy bank named "Rachel" and created by an artist on Whidbey Island . It was made to raise money for housing and services  for low income neighbors. I have been patting that pig on visits to Pike Place for years and never knew what it was there for , or even that it was an actual piggy bank...and guess what?..It still raises about $10,000 a year for low income neighbors!

See this one and many more recent paintings of Seattle at the Michael Birawer Gallery located at 1003 1st Ave, Seattle, WA for the month March and April. I will be at the gallery on March 23rd for "Happy Hour with Robin" March 23rd fron 4-8pm. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

"Hammered Seattle" Seattle city oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Hammered Seattle"  28x15 oil on canvas   Sold
For purchase call  MBG at  206-624-7773

Okay, first, an explanation of the title for this painting..If you live in Seattle you get it, but if you have never been to the Emerald City then you may not be familiar with our artistic icons...Like the Hammering Man.  If you look closely in the upper middle section of this painting you will see the silhouette  of a man with one arm extended and one arm up that looks big, and it is! The Hammering Man is a kinetic sculpture outside the Seattle Art Museum. The "BAR" sign belongs to the Diller Room, part of another historic and protected building in Seattle.  New skyscrapers are going up all around this area as Seattle rapidly changes it's character and skyline. For a little more about the history of Hammering Man click HERE

This painting is on display and available for the month of March at the Michael Birawer Gallery located at 1003 1st Ave , Seattle WA.  If you are in town, meet me at the gallery on March 23rd from 4-8pm for Happy Hour with Robin.  If you can't get to Seattle, you can still purchase this work by calling Summer at 206-624-7773.   Thanks and hope to see you there!  =]

San Francisco   Blue Build
Recently,  I took a workshop with Terry Miura, along with a fun group of other artists,

This workshop was an award for second place in the Winslow Plein Air competition that happens on Bainbridge Island every summer now .
This was one of the best awards I have received! Terry is a great teacher and I learned a lot about strategies to simplify city scapes. and..we had a lot of laughs!

The painting to the left was done from one of Terry's photos of San Francisco where he lives.
This was my attempt to follow his teaching to design shapes in one color using four values. Notice that all the detail is left out of these "shapes" . The mind of the viewer fills in an amazing amount of detail.  I'm sure this workshop will influence my future cityscapes. If you get the chance to take one of Terrys workshops don't hesitate! You will have a blast and learn a lot!  Check out his website HERE

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

"The San Patricio" Seattle city, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"The San Patricio"  18x24  oil on linen    Sold

Seattle is changing rapidly!!  They are in the process of tearing down the viaduct right now after years of tunneling under the city to replace outdated infrastructure. The waterfront will be transformed and Seattle as I have known it will be very different.
 There are still pockets of the city that remain as they have for decades. Post alley is one of those places. This scene of the San Patricio  restaurant in Post Alley near Pike Place Market has sold but is still on display in a featured artist exhibition at the Michael Birawer Gallery. Stop by and check out my recent Seattle city paintings if you get the chance. There will be a closing reception and "Happy Hour with Robin"  on March 23rd from 4-8pm. The Michael Birawer Gallery is located on First St. next to the Alexis Hotel and just a block down from the sky bridge to Coleman Dock.

Nil's Place 

As I said in my last post we have had a real winter in the Pacific Northwest this year with a couple good snow storms that blew through and stayed awhile.....Pretty unusual here these days
I was snow bound for about a week but because we had fair warning that snow was coming I brought my paints and gear home and was able to get a lot of work done in my home studio .

I was even able to get out and paint in the neighborhood a couple times.  This little plein air was done on Sawdust Hill Rd not far from our place during a lull in the storm.  My old friend Nils came out to see what I was doing at ended up buying the painting! 

Hope you get the chance to get out and paint too!

Here is a list of events I will be participating in this year along with as many PAWA paintouts that I can get to.  If you don't know what PAWA is, check out the website HERE. Hope to see you at one of events!!

I am participating in a group show at the Scott Milo gallery in Anacordes, WA during the month of March . If you are in the area stop by! This is an excellent galley featuring many representational artists in the area.To inquire about this work call Katherine at 360-293-6938

I will be talking about my process and doing a demo painting for the Port Ludlow Art League at the Port Ludlow Bay Club on March 20th  at 1:00pm . Guests are welcome to attend for $5. More info here

Very happy to be a participating artist in the Two Rivers Plein Air competiton and sales event this year taking place in New Braunfels, Texas, April 30th-May3rd 2019. For more info on this event click this link

Also excited about participating in the 26th Carmel Art Festival in Carmel by the Sea , CA  May 17th through the 19th .  For more info on this fun event click on this link

There are lots more adventures on the calendar this year including a lifetime dream to paint in Europe as part of Workshops in France.  I will be posting more about these events as they get closer...

Thanks for following along on my artistic journey!  Have a fun summer!