Sunday, April 26, 2009

"A Little Dingy" oil marine painting

I was sketching in Gig Harbor several weeks ago and took a long distance photo of this little boat. When I got back to my computer and downloaded the image I zoomed way in and got this little composition which I then painted. I was having so much fun with the palette knife on this one I left it as is.
12x12 oil on canvas sold

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Allair Farm, Plein air landscape

Another awesome day of P.A. painting at Allair Farm in Poulsbo. In the morning I met with the owner Barbara. She kinda reminds me of Katherine Hepburn....She graciously allowed me access to the grounds for painting..They have beautiful horses there and each one had a cute little baby...

8x10 oil on panel contact sold
I found a good spot by a little pond that afforded a great view of the farm with the horses in the distance.....well you can see for yourself in the picture!...=]

This was my second painting of the day and the scene that first attracted me to Allair....I saw this stump of what must have been old growth fir sticking up out of this little woodland pond. The afternoon sun was hitting it at about 4:00 pm and just lit it up ......I almost started to cry out there because I could NOT capture the scene....=/......But I have to try again!!....When I told Barbara I was going to paint this pond she said..."Why on earth would you want to paint down there!"
8x10 oil on panel contact

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plein Air Painting Tips. Haven't been posting but I'm not slacking!

With the nicer weather beginning I have been wanting to get set up for plein air painting out of the studio and out of the I have modified my old backpack into a P.A. pack with all of the stuff I need to do four paintings and bring them safely out of the woods. I took some of my ideas from Tom Browns excellent P.A. tips PDF which I highly recommend downloading if you are interested....I took it out for a test drive today and did a couple paintings out in the woods......everything worked perfectly..... this time.......and I didn't find that I was out in the middle of nowhere with out paper towels or my white paint ....or my camera....sheesh!!!....or my coffee or garbage bags!!

"White Trillium" 8x8 oil on panel contact
Here's the palette. Modified clip board connected to a drywall mud hock screwed into my camera tripod. ....say that ten times fast....

This shows a funny looking guy squinting at something in the trees.......Oh , and there's the backpack.....I used a piece of pvc pipe to make a third leg, there by giving me an extra table to put my brushes and stuff on. you can sort of see the box behind the backpack that holds three extra panels. They slide in and are protected from damage.......There you have it! Ready to go for the summer.......

Here's the second painting I did. I was attracted by the spring flush on the huckleberry bush surrounded by the tall fir trees. 8x10 oil on gessoed card sold
I will be doing a lot of painting outside this year, but also taking time off to be with my girl when she comes home from Uganda , April 30th....Yea!!! Only 11 days!.....I can't wait to see her again! See my archived posts from July 2008 to see Ann and the paintings and drawings I did from my time at New Hope Kasana in Uganda.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

"City Squall" oil on canvas

Been having trouble with my photo downloading program so I don't have the pictures of the plein air painting trip I took with my son Maury this weekend......I am posting this painting I did in the studio today. Think I achieved the looseness in brushstroke I was trying to get.
A typical scene in Seattle on a typical rainy day!....

12x16 oil on canvas....... winner of the Viewers Choice Award at the North Kitsap Arts and Crafts show SOLD

Thursday, April 02, 2009

"In the Lead" oil on canvas, commission painting

It was fun working on this commission painting. I spent quite a bit of time working on this one so it will be good to get back to some projects I have in mind....unless , of course , you have a picture or portrait you would like me to paint....=]

20x24 oil on canvas sold