Monday, May 28, 2012

"Pioneer Building" Seattle city, urban oil painting by Robin Weiss.

"Pioneer Building" 20x24 oil on canvas Sold
On this Memorial Day I am reminded of the voluntary sacrifice of so many young lives for the freedom to enjoy beautiful sunny days such as this in our great country. I realize that we have many challenges and problems here. Still,this is a nation where one can be rewarded for hard work, speak freely, have access to every viewpoint, worship in peace and freely elect leaders, among other rights that citizens of many other countries only dream of..... Say thank you to a vet today.

Summer at Alki Arts
Update on the June show with my son Maury Weiss......We will be hanging the show on Sunday the 10th and the opening will remain on Thursday the 14th for the Alki, Second Thursday Artwalk in June.

Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Check it Out" Seattle city, urban oil painting by Robin Weiss.

"Check it Out" 6x11 oil on panel   sold
Across from the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle is an alley I have painted a few times before. These guys were hanging out one evening as we were waiting for the team to show up for service. I was hoping they would come over for the meal but didn't see them in the sanctuary.
  Bread of Life is a great mission in the city that is still quite active. Some missions have had to close down due to the economic stress. This one has programs for folks wanting to beat addictions and get back to work. They also offer a meal and a bed for anyone who signs in.
Mission Alley 8x10 sold
Bread of Life 8x10 sold

Here are a couple more paintings done around the mission.

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Westlake Starbucks" Seattle city oil painting, by Robin Weiss

"Westlake Starbucks" 9x14 oil on linen panel  SOLD
The June show at Alki is coming up fast!.....Hope the painting on my easel drys in time!!... This one has been varnished and framed.

Ann and I sat at this Starbucks last week just after the May Day protests, We had some coffee while we waited for Maury to get off work and watched the diverse groups of folks walk by...This is a great spot for people watching!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Somewhere on Fourth Street" Seattle, cityscape oil painting, by Robin Weiss.

"Somewhere on Fourth Street" 10x12 oil on canvas

It's time to start plugging our upcoming show at Alki Arts in West Seattle!  The show gets hung first of June. My son Maury and I will be there for the artists reception on the second Thursday Artwalk, the 14th of June from 6:00pm till ......whenever.  If you are in the area please stop by. The beach at Alki in June is kinda like being at Venice beach in California . Nice sand and LOTS of folks hanging out enjoying the great views, good food, and energy of a great West Seattle nieghborhood!
 Also we have Zack Fleury coming to play music. You won't want to miss this local singer song-writers unique sound on acoustic guitar and vocals. 
 If you're coming from across the Sound the water taxi is a great option for walk ons from the ferry. It will take you to the water taxi dock on Alki Way and then you can hop on the shuttle which has a stop right by the gallery.
  I will be exhibiting my recent Seattle city paintings and Maury will be showing recent drawings and paintings of local scenes and stuff he has been working on for the game industry.
Hope to see you there!
Alki Arts

The Beach at Alki

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"The Studio Gate" oil landscape painting, by Robin Weiss

There is a nice apple tree by the gate as you enter the studio parking lot. When it is in full spring blossom the entryway is transformed into ...well....a painting!

Here is the set up with my mobile hand truck . Works great for locations that you can easily get to..As you can see the weather is getting better for plein air.

If you are interested in seeing an artist that loves to paint in all kinds of weather, check out Roos Schuring.  She is getting quite a bit of deserved recognition on the internet. A great video of how she approaches plein air painting has recently been posted to her blog. You can check it out HERE

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Fir and Field study" plein air landscape by Robin Weiss

"Fir and Field Study" 8x10 oil on panel
I have been taking breaks in between studio work for the Alki show and going out into the field by the Knowles Studio to paint "En Plein Aire" . I love the change of the seasons here! Leigh is planning a group show in July and I will exhibit all my Plein air paintings done on site. There are quite a few of them now! I'll post a few in the days ahead and more info on the show and who will be in it. The Knowles Studio is open most Saturdays for those of you who would like to visit.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"Alki Lighthouse" Lighthouse oil painting by Robin Weiss

Alki Lighthouse 10x14 oil on canvas SOLD
This is a hard lighthouse to get to! They have it all fenced off from the public and the only good view of it is to walk down the beach at low tide. Which we did! I have painted lots of lighthouses and always enjoy painting the white buildings and the red roofs.
Here are a few more I have painted in the past
"The Lighthouse Trail"  2011  sold

"Point No Point Spring"  2010  sold

"The Lime Kiln Light"  watercolor  2009 sold
"The Lighthouse at Fort Warden"  2008  sold
"Red Roofs" the lighthouse keepers residence at Pt no Pt  2007 sold

Monday, May 07, 2012

"Alki Point" Seattle landscape,oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Alki Point" 18x36 oil on canvas  sold
I need to play a little catch up..I have paintings not posted from before our trip and lots scattered in between that I would like to share before we are current again. This one was done from an evening photo I took on the ferry as we were crossing over to Seattle. I have a show coming up in June at Alki Arts, that will feature my recent Seattle city paintings. My son Maury is going to join with me in this show. More on that later...right now the sun is out (finally!) and I need to get to work!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

"View from Big Bend" Mt Zion National Park, plein air oil painting by Robin Weiss

"View from Big Bend"Mt Zion national Park,  8x10 oil on panel
So I'm painting in Zion National Park on our way home from Vegas. An old cowboy comes walking up the trail beside me and says " That's a good man with a paint brush in his hand". " I'm givin her my best shot "  says I....Then he says..." Well, your wife tolerates it pretty good, shes down in the van sleeping!" 
  This is my last post from the southwest trip. I've pretty much covered all the highlights and shared all my paintings. I'll take this opportunity to thank my wife for her support and encouragement.  She spent a lot of time on this trip reading, (and sleeping) in the van while I was out painting and always had a smile, a joke and a hug for me....That's what I call an artists wife!
  Thank you honey!!
Ann and I on the Cedar Creek Trail
Multnoma Falls

Ann at the Dam souvenir store!
We had a lot of fun stopping along the way and visiting sights that I had never seen. 

At the Grand Canyon

The Van by Red Rocks

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"South Canyon Rim"  9x14 oil on linen panel
The first order of business after setting up camp was to scout a good painting spot...trouble is,  every direction you look could be a great painting! I threw the pack down on this spectacular ledge overlooking the canyon to the east so there would be good light all day. What a challenge to paint the Grand Canyon! It is fairly overwhelming when you are standing in front of that amazing natural cataract. The colors are intense and the atmospheric distances vast!.

"Sunset Rim" 6x8 oil on panel
Ann and I came back on the evening of our second night to watch the sun set over the rim.  The days were warm and sunny but the night temperature got down to 29 degrees! I quickly set up and started a small painting as the sun was going down. The light moved so fast that the paint was applied pretty furiously. I tried to keep the composition as simple as possible.

This little 6x8 is my impression of the evening.

After that we went back and got the fire going!  I have this big enameled basin for heating water over the fire....then you dip a wash cloth in and take a steaming sponge bath...feels good after a hard day of work! right!  I love my job!

The last video!   Thanks for the applause!