Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"South Canyon Rim"  9x14 oil on linen panel
The first order of business after setting up camp was to scout a good painting spot...trouble is,  every direction you look could be a great painting! I threw the pack down on this spectacular ledge overlooking the canyon to the east so there would be good light all day. What a challenge to paint the Grand Canyon! It is fairly overwhelming when you are standing in front of that amazing natural cataract. The colors are intense and the atmospheric distances vast!.

"Sunset Rim" 6x8 oil on panel
Ann and I came back on the evening of our second night to watch the sun set over the rim.  The days were warm and sunny but the night temperature got down to 29 degrees! I quickly set up and started a small painting as the sun was going down. The light moved so fast that the paint was applied pretty furiously. I tried to keep the composition as simple as possible.

This little 6x8 is my impression of the evening.

After that we went back and got the fire going!  I have this big enameled basin for heating water over the fire....then you dip a wash cloth in and take a steaming sponge bath...feels good after a hard day of work!.....work.....ya right!  I love my job!

The last video!   Thanks for the applause!


MJBowden said...

Love the colors. Very nice.

Dianne said...

WOW! (and I love the hat, important to have in the desert!)

Dottie T Leatherwood said...

Who knew Juan could paint so well?! Enjoyed the series and the painting progression.

Lavon said...

Robin, loving your Arizona trip. The videos have been so wonderful. Just a little blip of hello and style. These last two paintings are delightful. When I opened my "in plein air" I took a breath the color was so unexpected. Loved it.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Hi Robin, thanks for taking us on your trip to the Grand canyon. Your paintings are really wonderful. I like seeing the video, but the wind made it hard to hear you when you went back to your easel. But you and the scenery looked great!:)

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you blogger buddies! The videos were fun to make! I will try and include more of them in future posts.

Dianne, that hat has saved my skin in some very hot, shade-less conditions!

Dottie,....and we thought Juan only roasted coffee beans!..=]

Thank you Lavon! That was my reaction when I walked up to the rim of the Grand Canyon!

Hi Gloria, I had to tie my hat on so I wouldn't lose it!