Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"Alki Lighthouse" Lighthouse oil painting by Robin Weiss

Alki Lighthouse 10x14 oil on canvas SOLD
This is a hard lighthouse to get to! They have it all fenced off from the public and the only good view of it is to walk down the beach at low tide. Which we did! I have painted lots of lighthouses and always enjoy painting the white buildings and the red roofs.
Here are a few more I have painted in the past
"The Lighthouse Trail"  2011  sold

"Point No Point Spring"  2010  sold

"The Lime Kiln Light"  watercolor  2009 sold
"The Lighthouse at Fort Warden"  2008  sold
"Red Roofs" the lighthouse keepers residence at Pt no Pt  2007 sold


William R. Moore said...

Very strong and dynamic composition on the 2012. I like the others also, I especially like the way you painted the foreground and middle ground on the 2011. Enjoy seeing the watercolors again,I was attracted to your blog some time ago when you painting mostly watercolor. You do a great job in either medium.

Anonymous said...

So enjoy your work! And meeting/watching you paint in Port Gamble on Sunday was a delight. I especially love your Point No Point 2007. Wow!
Joan & Ron

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks William! I appreciate your encouragement over the years! I haven't given up on the watercolors yet!

Robin Weiss said...

Joan and Ron, Nice meeting you in Port Gamble! Thanks for stopping to talk and thanks for visiting IPA! If you subscribe to my blog you will get my latest posts right to your email!..=]


Lavon said...

Hi Robin, I couldn't pick a favorite! The way you did the beach in the Ft Warden is awesome! But the beach flotsam in Pt No Pt s amzing, too. Ans the wonderful beach grass in the others!! And the pure sentiment of Alki! My early childhood included picking up bricks from the beach just below there so my parents could do some yard work with them. I love them all as I love your work.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Lavon! I now have fond memories of Alki too!