Thursday, October 29, 2015

"The Argosy" Seattle, marine painting by Robin Weiss

"The Argosy" 18x24 oil on linen         Sold
This is a scene I have painted a few times before from different angles. The Argosy used to be moored just as you turned up Alaska Way from the ferry dock.Of course everything is changed now that they are restructuring the waterfront in Seattle.

"The Argosy"  22x36     2012       Sold

Here is a painting I did of this scene in 2012

Arts in the Woods Studio Tour is coming up Nov 6,7,8!   If you are in the area please stop by and say hi!  I will have a lot of new work and older stuff at some good prices that are only available once a year at AITW! Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 09, 2015

"First Ascent" Quick Draw, Crested Butte Plein Air Open by Robin Weiss

"First Ascent"  Quick Draw 12x10    Sold

Outside the First Assent Coffee Shop with my Quick Draw

The First Ascent is a great little coffee shop at the end of  Elk Street in Crested Butte. It's not far from Oh Be Joyful Gallery and I thought it would be a great subject for the "Quick Draw" competition during the CB Plein Air Open.

 Quick draws  are a common part of plein air competitions and generally you have about two hours to complete a painting from start to finish. Then you have to hustle your WET painting back to the gallery get it framed and hung for exhibition in a matter of hours!  It's always really stressful for me up until the painting starts to work...Once I realize the composition is coming together then I can relax and enjoy the ride.  This painting took me all of the two hours to complete since it was pretty complex for a quick draw but it payed off and the painting sold in the gallery later.
TIP;  If you look closely you can see that I have mounted my panel in a floater style frame then wrapped the frame with brown paper. That way when I am done its easy to pull off the paper and the painting is already framed and ready to go!

At Paint the Peninsula I got a late start on the quick draw. After finally getting situated the paint just flowed onto the canvas almost painting itself! I love it when that happens!!

Paint the Peninsula Quick Draw

I'll be writing more about PTP in future posts!  I'm still pretty far behind on my blog....So many little time!

Stay tuned for more adventures....In Plein Air!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

"Where the Wildflowers Are" Crested Butte, plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Where the Wildflowers Are"  12x9 oil on linen panel
This painting was done on location not to far from my campsite on Lake Irwin during the  Crested Butte Plein Air open in Colorado. It has been accepted into PAWA's Annual Competition and Exhibition, From Meadows to Mountains. This competition requires a plein air painting at least 8x10 to be accompanied by a studio painting at least 16x20 inspired by the plein air study. It has been a really fun and interesting show to attend and this has been my third year to be juried in. If you are in the area,
The Grand Opening and Awards Presentation will be November 7th from 2 - 5 pm at ;

American Art Company
1126 Broadway Plaza,
Tacoma, WA 98402

And don't forget if you are in the Kitsap area ...or even if you aren't..plan to attend our annual studio tour, Art in the Woods!

Monday, October 05, 2015

"Alley After the Rain", Crested Butte , plein air painting by Robin Weiss

'Alley After the Rain"  Crested Butte   Sold

I was really attracted to all the quaint alleys in Crested Butte. One day after a rain shower I noticed the bright colors of the sheds reflecting in the puddles and had to paint the scene.

This painting won  Best of Show in the plein air open competition at Oh Be Joyful Gallery.