Friday, April 24, 2020

"Old Goat" Paintings from quarantine by Robin Weiss

"Old Goat"  10x8 oil on panel  Sold

As you know....the world has changed a LOT since my last blog post....In other ways it has not changed much at all for us artists. Most of us are staying positive and using our creativity for self therapy as always..Ha!  I have been working more than usual..mainly because my favorite coffee shop is closed. When the world was semi-normal I would go to the coffee shop in the morning and do all my computer work. A lot of days it would take two or more hours. Since isolation I have been doing less computer and more painting....that's a good thing!.. but now I have a lot of catch up to do!...Such as my new website....It is active now but needs more work. Check it out at robinweissfineart.
I would appreciate any feedback!  Thanks!

The other thing of course is the blog! Trying to stay consistent has been a challenge before the it seems even harder for me to take the time to sit and write!

Anyway, Ann and I have been walking a lot together for fresh air and exercise. The Billie above greets us on our walks up Snow Hill a short ways from home. He is quite a character! I don't think he is old yet but he is already acting like an Old Goat...Ha!  We have that in common....=]

Stay safe out there and get creative to stay positive!!

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