Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Fresh Roses" "rose series #5 " "rose oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Fresh Roses"  7x7 oil on panel   Sold
I stuck my camera in the midst of the fresh roses and started clicking...then I painted the negative space very dark , accentuating the "No tan" of the painting. Again modeling the subtle lights into the rose petals.

These and lots more recent work will be available next weekend at Arts in the Woods!..=]

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Sun Dance" "rose painting" series #4 by Robin Weiss

"Sun Dance"  7x7 oil on panel   Sold
Faces turned towards the sun, soaking it in, a beautiful miracle of color and light.  I painted the dark areas first and then modeled the subtle lights can watch me paint if you come to Arts in the Woods Studio Tour , second week in November!....=] Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Studio Rose" rose series #3 oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Studio Rose"  7x7 oil on panel  framed       Sold
These amazingly prolific  roses were planted by Leigh right outside the studio door and they put on a spectacular display every year. I will get the name and post it for you tomorrow.....Or...stop by the studio for Arts in the Woods and find out for yourself! Leigh and I will be there along with four other artists. There will be special deals a lot of artwork and lots of studio art clutter to browse through! I'm sure you will find a treasure to take home with you!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Red Red Rose" rose series #2, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Red Red Rose"  7x7 oil on panel       Sold
I will just continue on with the roses for awhile. Hope you enjoy them! Also I will be posting the Arts in the Woods info each time until the tour.....Hope you can make it!  These paintings will all be available there and at special show prices!...=]

Arts in the Woods Studio Tour

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Fragrance" rose, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Fragrance"  7x7 oil on panel     sold
I've started , well actually I have finished a series of six 7x7 rose paintings from photos I have taken over the summers. They are framed in black floater frames and if you are interested I can send you a pic of the framed painting.....or if you live in the Kitsap area please come to Arts in the Woods Studio Tour and see them for yourself!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Quiet Reflection" from the Bloedel Reserve, plein air, oil, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Quiet Reflection"   10x8 oil on panel   sold
I have been experiencing some computer problems lately and have switched over to a desktop model. I got it from a great local company called Poulsbo PC which I traded for some drywall work. Most of you probably don't know that I worked in construction in my former life and did drywall work for about 20 years!  Unfortunately a lot of my recent photo images are stuck in my old laptop and we are working to get them out.....Which is the reason for interrupting my Port Angeles series and posting a more recent work from the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. I'll get back to the other ones but I want to keep up with posting.....I have so much work to post!!

Becky Holman painting

The Bloedel Reserve is a local treasure. I have painted there a few times this year and always find new inspiration every time I go.  They are now showing a few of my plein air paintings in the gift shop . I highly recommend a Sunday afternoon walk through the park any time of year and be sure to stop in the gift shop and see the beautiful local hand crafts.

Monday, October 14, 2013

"Waiting for Water" Port Angeles, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Waiting for Water" 8x8 oil on panel framed       Sold

We had a real mix of weather all week. The sun kept coming out for awhile and then the fog would roll in and completely change the scene!  Got this little boat during a sun break.

I'm hoping that when I post this the color will be better in your monitor but it looks pretty bad on mine. The photo looks good in my file but then as soon as I upload to blogger it turns real red in the background and that is not at all the way it looks..Computers ...can't live with em and can't wack em with a ten pound sledge hammer......sheesh.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"High and Dry" Port Angeles, plein air, marinescape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"High and Dry" 12x9 oil on panel      Sold

The first week of September 2013, all the artists participating in Paint the Peninsula gathered in Port Angeles to register for the event.  "High and Dry" was the second official painting on a stamped panel that I painted .It seemed that boats were going to be my theme for the week. This painting earned Third Place over all in the juried show from juror Ned Mueller.

The Astoria at Port Angeles

I arrived in town early on the first day, so of course the first thing was to prime the pump and get a painting in, The day was beautiful but the forecast was not so good for the rest of the week. I set up down at the Port which covers a large area including commercial and private marinas.

 A large commercial container ship named Astoria was just starting to load, a perfect subject!

To get an idea of the surrounding area check out this short video.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"Mount Shuksan" from Picture Lake at Artists Point, plein air, oil, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Mount Shuksan" from Picture Lake 10x10 plein air, oil on panel  Sold
It was a full day of painting by the time we got down to Picture Lake. The light was perfect and I was energized one more time to set up and paint this quick plein air study of Mount Shuksan. This was my fourth painting of the day!

This concludes my first trip to Artists Point this summer.  Jim Lamb joined us on the next trip but more about that later..My next adventure was Paint the Peninsula in Port Angeles....

Sunday, October 06, 2013

"Alpine Spruce" from Artists Point, plein air , landscape painting by Robin Weiss

Alpine Spruce 8x6 oil on panel   Sold
We found one more shady spot while we were waiting for the sun to go low enough to offer the best light on Mount Shuksan from Picture Lake.
Black flies stuck in the paint

The only problem here was the swarms of black flies that attacked us. Even though I was covered with 100% Deet the flies kept coming....They didn't land for long but were a pretty distracting nuisance and kept getting stuck in the paint!


  It was a great spot but we bailed pretty quick and headed back down to Picture Lake.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

"Alpine Meadow" from Artists Point , plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss and other stuff..

"Alpine Meadow"  12x9 oil on panel   $425
I think you can tell by this painting that the day was clear, sunny and HOT!  We found some nice shade to wait out the heat of the early afternoon by the Chalet ....Usually high noon does not afford great light or shadows to paint but we made the most of it anyway.
Mark resting

Yes it was sunny. Yes it was HOT! ....and yes, that is a snow bank behind Marks Easel! in August no less.... That's Mount Baker! 

So, about the "other stuff" ...My good friend Derek Gundy from Artist Edge in Poulsbo has been working on a website for me and we have launched the official website of artist Robin Weiss!  You can check it out HERE!

There is also a "Store" where you will be able to purchase some cool stuff like T-shirts and Calendars....There will be other stuff as we go along too.

Be sure to check out up coming shows to see what is on the calendar for those who live in the Seattle area.