Thursday, October 10, 2013

"High and Dry" Port Angeles, plein air, marinescape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"High and Dry" 12x9 oil on panel      Sold

The first week of September 2013, all the artists participating in Paint the Peninsula gathered in Port Angeles to register for the event.  "High and Dry" was the second official painting on a stamped panel that I painted .It seemed that boats were going to be my theme for the week. This painting earned Third Place over all in the juried show from juror Ned Mueller.

The Astoria at Port Angeles

I arrived in town early on the first day, so of course the first thing was to prime the pump and get a painting in, The day was beautiful but the forecast was not so good for the rest of the week. I set up down at the Port which covers a large area including commercial and private marinas.

 A large commercial container ship named Astoria was just starting to load, a perfect subject!

To get an idea of the surrounding area check out this short video.


Lavon said...

So Robin, love "High and Dry". The puddle just really makes it special. And now I want to see the one you were doing in the video! What a lovely evening in Port Angeles!

Darrell Anderson said...

I'm not sure why Ned didn't give this first place! BTW, no video shows up.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Lavon and Thanks Darrell!

Apparently mobile devices are having a hard time viewing the video.. I notice that I have to wait a moment for it to load before it will view but thanks for the feedback!