Monday, October 29, 2018

"Maple Grove" Paint the Peninsula, plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Maple Grove"  9x14 oil on panel   Sold

Not a bad place to set up and paint on a hot summer day....and it was hot!  The shady, old growth, big leaf maples at the Elwha River park entrance has nice picnic tables, a bathroom and even a waterfall within a short walk....Whats not to love about this spot! I end up here to paint every year during PTP and even taught a workshop here last year. If your trying to find it using google maps type in Madison Falls..   =]

Me and Ann at Madison Falls 2018

Sunday, October 28, 2018

"Friends" Paint the Peninsula, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Friends"  6x8 oil on panel    SOLD

Almost every plein air painting event has some form of "quick draw" . During Paint the Peninsula 2018 the quick paint was scheduled for 3 hours so I had time to do 2 paintings. "Friends was the second one. These two girls were talking on a park bench near "Hollywood Beach" in Port Angeles. I pulled out a 6x8 panel to capture them quick before they walked off...

Our designated area was near City Park.  I did this one under cover of the bandstand. There was still a haze in the air from all the wildfires occurring in Olympic National Park and as far away as Canada.

"Sharing the View"  7x11    oil on panel      $500

Saturday, October 20, 2018

"Azaleas" Plein air, still life , oil painting by Robin Weiss and Arts in the Woods 2018

"Azaleas"   16x12 oil on linen panel   $900

Hey all, Taking a break from posting Paint the Peninsula stuff to get the word out again about our upcoming studio tour, "Arts in the Woods"  Artists around North Kitsap will have their studios spiffed up and ready for visitors like you to come and and see all the new local artwork! This painting along with many others will be on display.

AITW 2018

The Knowles Studio is included  and will be a great one to start off your tour of all the great creative spaces in the Kitsap area.

Owned by Jim and Leigh Metteer This gorgeous studio is a  space for artists to immerse themselves in the positive therapy of making art.

The studio will be open to the public during Arts in the Woods , Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 9th, 10th and 11th 2018 from 10am -5pm  
Stop by and see what we have been up to and get the AITW brochure of  all the other studios 

Get more info on the Cultural Arts website 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Port Townsend Afternoon" Paint the Peninsula 2018, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Port Townsend Afternoon"  9x12 oil on panel  $600

I was glad when PTP organizers decided to expand the boundaries that artists are allowed to paint during the event.  It now includes another favorite place, the historic seaside community of Port Townsend, WA.  I picked a sunny day to do some urban painting which is always fun in PT.

I often donate images of my paintings of Port Townsend to be included in the Gathering Place yearly calendar project which raises funds for this great cause.

This year I have two paintings of PT in the calendar.

Check out the Gathering Place website to find out all the great things they do for the developmentally disabled youth and adults in our community.

Friday, October 12, 2018

"Ship Wreck Rock" Paint the Peninsula 2018 plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Ship Wreck Rock"  6x8 oil   Sold

Another scene from Second Beach on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State painted during Paint the Peninsula 2018. This year was a mixed bag as far as weather was concerned. The fog kept moving in and out making it difficult to decide on what atmosphere to base the mood of your design. That is one reason I pulled out a 6x8 panel for this painting. I was able to capture the scene quickly before everything changed again. The fog simplifies the shapes, removes detail and reduces values so that you can have fun just designing.  After this one I clambered over the driftwood and headed back up the trail to do a few paintings at the Quilute Marina in LaPush.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

"Sand and Surf" Paint the Peninsula 2018, plein air landscape by Robin Weiss

"Sand and Surf"  11x14 oil on panel    $900

 Every year during Paint the Peninsula artists take the mile long trail down to one of the most beautiful scenic beaches in Washington State. Second Beach in LaPush is a constant inspiration for me!  I have learned that I can go to the same spot each year on SB and enjoy a different composition of driftwood and atmospheric drama.  It is a challenge to compose and simplify piles of driftwood but once you get good at it the design potential is endless..

You can use those skills and apply them to other complex scenes where the details can overwhelm you, such as this marina with hundreds of boats diminishing in the distance.

If you look closely you see all that confusion reduced to pieces of paint with just a few boats in any real detail.

One boat should become the "star of the show" or the focal point.

Here are a few of the paintings I have done on Second Beach from past PTP competitions;

Paint the Peninsula 2017  Sold
Spirit of the Peninsula Award

Paint the Peninsula 2016  available

Paint the Peninsula 2015  Sold

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

"Last Chance for Romance" Paint the Peninsula 2018 , plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Last Chance for Romance"  10x12 oil on panel  Sold

If all else fails you can always find a good painting subject at the boatyards in Port Angeles . I walked around this old relic a few times before deciding to compose my painting from the back where the name of the boat was prominent in the design. I learned later this steel fishing boat was cobbled together from several different boats which gave it dramatic character and probably its name...

It also won the Best Wheels , Motors and Sails award!  Thanks juror Eric Jacobsen!

A few reminders;   Arts in the Woods Studio Tour is coming up November 9,10,11 . Always the second week in November!  Stop by and see a lot of the work I have been creating over the past year and visit with all the artists at the Knowles Studio on Noll rd. in Poulsbo, WA.  The coffee will be on!
Get more info on the Cultural Arts Foundation website  HERE