Thursday, September 20, 2018

"Salt Creek Explorer" Paint the Peninsula 2018, plein air landscape by Robin Weiss

"Salt Creek Explorer"  6x8 oil on panel  Sold

After finishing up at the Elwah river bridge I kept going to another favorite spot on the Olympic Peninsula, Salt Creek!  I have painted here many times before as have many artists.

Sure enough I ran into another artist! My friend, Yong Hong Zhong.  

He was also participating in Paint the Peninsula 2018. It is always more fun to paint with other artists so we set up together and spent the afternoon capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Most artists on their first visit to Salt Creek want to paint the iconic off shore island. I have painted it so many times that I was looking for other subjects that inspired me. This young boy exploring the beach did it!

All of the artists and their paintings completed during Paint the Peninsula 2018 can be viewed and purchased until November 2018 on the Port Angeles Fine Art Center website. Click HERE to view

Watercolor by Yong Hong Zhong PTP 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

"Angels Rest" Paint the Peninsula, plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Angels Rest"  9x12 oil on panel     Sold

Angel Crest Gardens was another new discovery for me this year at Paint the Peninsula. I saw a splash of color as I passed by on highway 112 headed north and had to turn around to check it out. Turns out this quaint farm had been closed for a season while the owners cared for a ailing parent
who passed in the spring.

 The gate was open so I walked in immediately seeing that this was a place I wanted to paint!  The owner, Linda, graciously allowed me the run of the place and even picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my host family.  Her dogs Lily and Cara kept me company while I painted.

I picked a spot that had a driveway bordered by glorious dahlias and fall flowers to paint. The home in the background was where Lindas mom lived.

I named the painting Angeles Rest. It seemed that peaceful and joyful a spot to me.

Monday, September 17, 2018

"Elwah River Bridge" Paint the Peninsula 2018, plein air landscape by Robin Weiss

"Elwah River Bridge"  6x8 oil       SOLD

It has been a month since I wrote a blog post and a lot has happened! I'm way behind again!  During that time I participated in Paint the Peninsula, The Winslow Plein Air Festival and taught a workshop in Sekiu Washington. 

Paint the Peninsula 2018 was my sixth year participating in this great event. As always, the best thing about these competitions is reconnecting with old painting buddies and meeting new ones. The  shared camaraderie in plein air painting makes it so much more fulfilling than just painting pictures.

I started off on Saturday looking for a spot to warm up that I haven't painted before.  Heading towards Salt Creek I noticed Elwah River Road and turned off to see where it ended up. Not too far down the road it went across a newly constructed bridge with a pedestrian deck below the main road and amazing views of the river and mountains behind. Perfect!  I did my first two paintings. One from the bridge deck and one from the river looking towards the bridge.

"From the Elwah River Bridge" 8x10 oil  $400