Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Father and Son" farm life, oil painting

There is an interesting book in the studio called "Farm Life". It documents in black and white photos, the life of a farm family through two generations. The photographer and author lived with the family on and off during the life of a boy until he grew up, married and had his own family. I have looked through this book many times and find it not only a fascinating account of one aspect of American life but an inspirational source for painting subjects when I have forgotten my images and can't go outside to paint.
I added the painting in the drawing phase. Charcoal thinned with turps.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Daily Painters Studio Tour

The awsome artists on "Daily Painters" website are all going to post a picture of their studios. You can check them out by clicking on the Daily Painters widget. This is mine. Most of you have already seen the studio that I work from most of the time ,if not you can go back a few posts to see the Knowles Studio. This is my small studio at home which I get a lot of use from also, it's just hard to back up from a painting when you only have about 5 feet to back up and that is when the studio is clean, which it never is.
This is the most interesting feature of my studio. The cats private bathroom, designed by me to exhaust all cat box odors and paint fumes from the painting area. On the other side of this hole, which is cut through the wall of the house, is a plywood box containing two large litter trays( we can go about 30 days) with one of those window fans set on top to suck out the fumes. I leave it on low 24/7 and it works great!......Thats Rosie's butt...she loves her "Kittie Kan"!..........oh and I did not pick the drapes......

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Chev. Truck" and "Mt Rainier" finished, oil painting

Got to go back to this farm last week. Last year in November, when it snowed I got several successful paintings from the Bledsoe farm in Poulsbo on Pugh Rd. This year it was after our first snow. This truck was parked in the same exact position as last year so I painted it again from a different perspective.12x16, oil on stretched canvas $250.00
I finally finished the Mt Rainier painting, I decided to add a car for interest . I still havn't figured out if it is coming or going...... This could reflect metaphorically on the artist.......

1....the obvious...I don't know if I am coming or going..

2...I've had a mountain top experience and am now headed for the valley....or I've been in the valley and am now headed for the mountain....or my cars out of gas and I'm coasting to the gas station....

3....I didn't do a very good job on the car..

But the best thing is to let you ,the viewer tell the story.

18x24, oil on stretched canvas, $450.00

Monday, December 10, 2007

"Dock light" Bainbridge Island, oil painting

My job does have it's advantages. I get around a lot and always carry my camera with me. So when I can't get out to paint there is always a library of photos to pick from. This one is out on Bainbridge Island. 8x10, oil on panel, sold

Friday, December 07, 2007

" Fog Delivery" country landscape, oil painting

Just a quiet scene I wanted to get down on canvas before I lost the feel of it. I go down this road alot in the mornings on my way to get gas. Its one of those magical valleys that hold a thousand paintings of every mood depending on the light... 8x10 oil on masonite panel $135.00

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

" Behind the Hansville Store" oil painting, urban landscape

Another painting from the Hansville area. There is alot of cool stuff behind the Hansville store. About a mile down the beach from here is the Point no Point lighthouse. 14x18 oil on stretched canvas, $300.00

Monday, December 03, 2007

"Road Sign" Mt Rainier, updated

Got the day off today...yippi-ki-yea......because......well check out the picture of the studio below. That about says it all....and then behind that came...torrential rains and high winds.... The gov. declared the whole western side of the state a disaster area. Homes flooded, bridges out, roads closed. I feel actual pain when I see these homes flooded out because I was one of them several years back. Fortunately they replaced a culvert under the road that was the culprit and it swallowed all the water this time, P.T.L.

Anyway, I got to paint today and I worked on the Mt Rainier piece. This is one of those paintings that looks alot better in person. I also did a couple more to post later.Sold

Update on the "Crows" monotype....I guess you really need a printing press to do these except Leigh told me that some artists used steam rollers back in the 60s and huge paper. Also she said you can use ordinary oil paint and then a cloths pin for rolling but it won't look the same........By the way this print is about 9x12 , one of a kind (mono)type, $75.00

We ended up with about seven inches of snow before the monsoon hit. A one day winter wonderland.

" Road Sign" Mt Rainier , oil painting in progress

Cutting over to Port Orchard from Belfair on Lake Flora Rd. I had to pull over and take a picture of Mt Rainier. It was awsome with the last light of day illuminating the snow on top of the mountain. 18x24 oil on canvas , paiting in progress . Sorry for the poor photo image.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

" Crows" monotype print

Thought I'd post my first monotype print. This was done from a photograph taken on Bainbridge Island at the Texico station. A favorite spot for working guys to get their lunch during the day. If it's not me , sombody is throwing out french fries ,potato chips or something for the seagulls and crows. I always get out my camera and try for pics of crows with attitude.

Monotype printing is easy, you just roll out some ink on a plexiglass plate and then wipe away the highlights. I'm already thinking of images that would be good for printing. SOLD