Thursday, January 30, 2014

"View of Pescadero" Mexico, plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"View of Pescadero" 8x10 oil on panel   sold
The second day of the Mexico workshop we gathered at the church in Pescadero where there was a terraced out door plaza of sorts. Everyone set up their easels and got started with thumbnail sketches.

Frida, Jolyn, Tori and Cynthia

The lesson for the second day was to begin by composing small value sketches from different perspectives. This is a skill that is often very useful in the field but often neglected by artists a little too eager to start painting before they have a good "road map" to guide them.

It wasn't long before we had many interested spectators.  We realized that it being Saturday, all the children in the village come to the church for catechism class.  At one point there were five or six kids around each easel watching with wide eyes and cute faces.

Enjoying the Day Painting
It was another warm, sunny day in Mexico and everyone was happy with the work they did. It took me all day to finish my painting because I was busy trying to suggest ideas to help each artist and attempting to communicate with the children. Jolyn catered a great lunch of local BBQ chicken and then we both stayed late to work on our paintings after everyone left...What a great day!

Tori works on her painting
Tori's painting


Marsha Dahlquist's painting

Monday, January 27, 2014

"Coffee Pot Demo" still life demo painting in Pescadero by Robin Weiss

"Coffee Pot Demo" 10x10 oil on panel   Sold
The workshop in Pescadero, Mexico was a great success excepting a few glitches, like hitting a cow on the highway coming back from La Paz at night! Thanks to Jolyns quick reflexes we didn't hit it head on and only sustained damage to the car and not ourselves!

Baha Moon

The drive from the airport in Cabo San lucas to Pescadero offered spectacular views of the desert with the moon coming up and started to get me excited about painting this beautiful region

Sunset in La Paz

The second day we drove to different, possible painting locations and made a plan for the three day workshop. After that we drove to La Paz to try and purchase some supplies that didn't make it through by mail...Tip; if you are planning a workshop in Mexico don't mail anything ahead! plan on paying for the extra baggage. You will be money ahead!  Another Tip; If you are driving along Mexican highways at night, Stay Alert!  Cows often trot across the highways and even seek them out for the warmth generated by the pavement.

Still life demo at Jolyn and Toms Casa

Tom and Jolyn Moran offered their lovely home as' home base' for the workshop and we met there for the first days opening talk , color class and painting demo. the weather turned out beautiful and the student/artists who attended were a delight! 

Stayed tuned for more adventures in Mexico!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Yellow Truck" old truck oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Yellow Truck" 8x8 oil on panel   $330
This restored truck is seen a lot parked around Bainbridge Island.  I have my rendition of it displayed in a solo show at The Tree House Café in hopes the owner will notice and buy the never know...

The show will be up through January.  Stop by, shoot a game of pool, have a pizza and check it out!  

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

"Pt. White Estuary" Bainbridge Island, plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Pt. White Estuary"  7x11 oil on panel    Sold
I found myself at Lynwood Center on Bainbridge Island last week. I drove over to put a red dot on a painting that sold at my solo show at the Tree House Café....which by the way, will be up for the rest of January! hint -hint...

Darrell painting at Pt. White

The day was so sunny and beautiful I decided to paint down on the beach..It was such a beautiful day I called my painting buddy Darrell Anderson to see if he was able to come down and share it with me...Just so happens Darrell was anxious for an excuse to abandon his plans to clean the studio to get outside and paint.  We both had a great day on the beach!  If you would like to read Darrells blog post and see his outstanding painting go HERE.

getting started
I was also test driving my new home-made pochade box...Everything is working just the way I hoped it would!   Now I'm all ready for more adventures in plein air this summer....=]

Saturday, January 04, 2014

"North Head Lighthouse from Benson Beach" Landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"North Head Lighthouse from Benson Beach"  32x48 oil on canvas   Sold
It has been a long delay before posting this work....but worth it!  "North Head Light"  is a studio painting done from a plein air study and photos taken on location at Cape disappointment, on the Long Beach Peninsula, Wa. state.

Peoples Choice Award!
 The painting was selected by juror, Eric Jacobson as part of the Plein Air Washington Artists, Washington State Parks Exhibition at The American Art Co. gallery in Tacoma Wa. It received an honorable mention from the juror and then I was surprised to learn at the end of January that it also received the Peoples Choice Award!  This was especially gratifying for me since it came from many of my peers in the art community.  This show was the culmination of many fun paint outs with the PAWA gang this summer and included many fine studio paintings accompanied by their plein air studies from many members.
You can see the post of my plein air adventure at Cape Dissapointment when I worked on the studies HERE

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