Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Yellow Truck" old truck oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Yellow Truck" 8x8 oil on panel   $330
This restored truck is seen a lot parked around Bainbridge Island.  I have my rendition of it displayed in a solo show at The Tree House Café in hopes the owner will notice and buy the never know...

The show will be up through January.  Stop by, shoot a game of pool, have a pizza and check it out!  


Cathleen Rehfeld said...

wow beautiful work!

Lavon said...

Hi Robin,
I love this, but I also think it needs some more work. It is parked in a parking spot, but the paint swoops off the top in such a way that it looks like it is flying down the road in the rain. It is a marvelous piece otherwise. I would like to see you use the truck in one of your fabulous citscapes! I have an old yellow truck but it is a '71 Chevy 454 monster. Go grab some more pictures of this old truck and USE them! fab!
always, Lavon

Laura Buxo said...

Love these old classics. You captured it beautifully!