Monday, January 27, 2014

"Coffee Pot Demo" still life demo painting in Pescadero by Robin Weiss

"Coffee Pot Demo" 10x10 oil on panel   Sold
The workshop in Pescadero, Mexico was a great success excepting a few glitches, like hitting a cow on the highway coming back from La Paz at night! Thanks to Jolyns quick reflexes we didn't hit it head on and only sustained damage to the car and not ourselves!

Baha Moon

The drive from the airport in Cabo San lucas to Pescadero offered spectacular views of the desert with the moon coming up and started to get me excited about painting this beautiful region

Sunset in La Paz

The second day we drove to different, possible painting locations and made a plan for the three day workshop. After that we drove to La Paz to try and purchase some supplies that didn't make it through by mail...Tip; if you are planning a workshop in Mexico don't mail anything ahead! plan on paying for the extra baggage. You will be money ahead!  Another Tip; If you are driving along Mexican highways at night, Stay Alert!  Cows often trot across the highways and even seek them out for the warmth generated by the pavement.

Still life demo at Jolyn and Toms Casa

Tom and Jolyn Moran offered their lovely home as' home base' for the workshop and we met there for the first days opening talk , color class and painting demo. the weather turned out beautiful and the student/artists who attended were a delight! 

Stayed tuned for more adventures in Mexico!


myra anderson said...


myra anderson said...

oh and I'm glad you missed the cow!

Laura Buxo said...

Sounds like a great trip sans cow! Your demo absolutely glows!