Thursday, January 30, 2014

"View of Pescadero" Mexico, plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"View of Pescadero" 8x10 oil on panel   sold
The second day of the Mexico workshop we gathered at the church in Pescadero where there was a terraced out door plaza of sorts. Everyone set up their easels and got started with thumbnail sketches.

Frida, Jolyn, Tori and Cynthia

The lesson for the second day was to begin by composing small value sketches from different perspectives. This is a skill that is often very useful in the field but often neglected by artists a little too eager to start painting before they have a good "road map" to guide them.

It wasn't long before we had many interested spectators.  We realized that it being Saturday, all the children in the village come to the church for catechism class.  At one point there were five or six kids around each easel watching with wide eyes and cute faces.

Enjoying the Day Painting
It was another warm, sunny day in Mexico and everyone was happy with the work they did. It took me all day to finish my painting because I was busy trying to suggest ideas to help each artist and attempting to communicate with the children. Jolyn catered a great lunch of local BBQ chicken and then we both stayed late to work on our paintings after everyone left...What a great day!

Tori works on her painting
Tori's painting


Marsha Dahlquist's painting

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Laura Buxo said...

Beautiful. Love the warmth that you captured.