Friday, February 14, 2020

"A Cafe in Venesque" From Here to France with Robin Weiss, Cole Gallery, Edmonds WA

"A Cafe in Venesque" 16x12 oil on linen  SOLD
Available at the Cole Gallery, Edmonds WA

The studio painting above was done from reference photos and sketches taken during our time with Julie and the crew of "Workshops in France" on our 2019 European tour. It will be on display at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds  WA for an upcoming featured artist show, opening Thursday, February 20th 2020.

Please go to the link HERE for more info and to view all the paintings in this exhibition.

Venesque is just one of the many little villages in the Provence region of France we visited with the group from Workshops in France. 

It has all the charm of southern France with the town square surrounded by quaint cafes where locals and tourists sit with their espresso. 

 The fountain at the center of the square provided a shaded spot to set up my easel for a quick study in oil of the grape vines climbing the ancient wall to reach the sun.  A tourist from Paris reached up to pick a grape and test it's sweetness.  His smile was contagious and we had a good talk about experiencing France through the artists eye.

We headed back to the chateau as evening spread its blanket of fading light over the town, satisfied with the paintings we completed, the beauty of Provence that was etched forever in our hearts. 

The reason I so love to stop, set up easel and paint the places we travel, as I explained to my new Paris friend, anyone can look, but to really see you must paint.....  =]

The work done on location in France was rendered with MGraham oil paint. I used the "Fast Dry" Titanium White to shorten the drying time.

 Mixing your paint with the fast dry white gives you malleable painting time but allows the surface to dry to the touch sometimes overnight depending on temperature. This is valuable when you have limited time to paint before packing up for the next location or to fly home.

See more info on MGraham paint HERE

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

"Loving Lavender" From Here to France with Robin Weiss, Cole Gallery, Edmonds WA

"Loving Lavender"  14x24 oil on linen   $1400
Available at the Cole Gallery

An upcoming exhibition at the Cole Gallery in Edmonds will feature recent original oil paintings From our trip to France and around the Northwest. Hope to see you at the opening reception on Third Thursday Artwalk, Ferbruary 20th 2020 in Edmonds Washington !   It promises to be a special night with art and travel loving friends!  See you in Edmonds!

To view all the paintings and for more info click the link HERE