Thursday, July 27, 2023

"Point Lobos" original, plein air, California, landscape painting by Robin Weiss

"Point Lobos"  8x6, oil , SOLD


I always try to make Point Lobos Natural Reserve one of my painting spots while on the Monterey Peninsula. There are many trails that lead to stunning views of the California coast. If you go, make sure to get there early for a better chance at a parking spot.

This is another small study that I will be using this winter to create larger studio paintings. Look forward to starting on those!! In the mean time there are other things coming up like "The Little Gems Show" hosted by the Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes. Up for most of August it will showcase some of the best plein air small work done by Plein Air Washington Artists this year.

Also, coming up in October I will be teaching  a master class assisted by Nora Masters, through the plein air art program at the Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island. See more info on this new and exciting art program hosted by the great folks at the Bloedel Reserve HERE

That;s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

"Carmel Beach" original plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

Carmel Beach  6x8 oil on panel   SOLD


I found a shady place to park along the beach one beautiful morning in Carmel. I didn't even have to walk ten steps from my van to paint this little study which quickly sold at the festival.

In other news "A Good Spot" was accepted into The Little Gems show at the Scott Milo Gallery in Anacortes. See more info on that HERE.  Little Gems is an exhibition, curated every year of small works painted by Plein Air Washington Artists . 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

"Carmel River" original plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Carmel River" 6x8 oil on panel   SOLD


Had a great time as a juried artist in the Carmel Art Festival this year! I will spend the next few blog posts adding images of the paintings I completed during the event, 

Carmel is on the Monterey Peninsula where you will find some of the most iconic and beautiful coastline in North America. I tried my best to do it justice in my paintings and feel I achieved some success selling six of the eight paintings I completed and winning two awards in the event including "Artists Choice Award" 

I painted more 6x8 studies on this trip trying to simplify designs and get more expressive brushwork. I think it helped me when I started on larger panels. 

Monday, July 24, 2023

"Point Wilson Lighthouse View" original plein air landscape painting by Robin Weiss

Point Wilson Lighthouse View, 6x8, oil  NFS
(given as a wedding present to my weird cousin Mallory)


It's been a couple months. You probably thought I disappeared.... and I did, into the summer plein air painting world.  I have a lot of catching up to do! 

Artists Choice award winning painting
We kicked it off with the Carmel Arts Festival in May. Always a blast connecting and painting with other artists! The bonus was that my wife Ann and son Maury came along to share the fun.  I completed eight paintings, sold six and won two awards!   Including the Artists Choice award, an acknowledgement from fellow artists that is both humbling and inspiring! Amazed by the talented artists in this event and very grateful for their

Ann reading while I am painting in
 Crested Butte, CO

After the  usual (for me) van break downs. We made it home, regrouped and headed to Crested Butte to paint a few days in Colorado for the Oh Be Joyful Gallery. It was a great time reconnecting with Nick Retti and his fun team of talented artist, sales pros.

Check out the Oh Be Joyful Gallery if you get the chance they are hosting a featured artists exhibit by Jim Wodark right now. It was an honor to meet and talk with him while I was in CB.

In between These fun events I was able to paint with the Plein Air Washington Artists on some of their paintouts. We did the Magnuson Park Paintout and Exhibition hosted by the Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange (SPACE) I also taught a workshop through the Cole Gallery.

Still coming up- The Whidbey Island Plein Air and the Second Annual "Edmonds and Beyond" Plein Air Paintout  hosted by the Cole Gallery. 

That's it for now..  Stay tuned for more recent work and happy painting