Thursday, March 30, 2017

"The Loxahatchee River" 4th Annual Plein Air Festival, Lighthouse Art Center, oil painting by Robin Weiss

The Loxahatchee River"  12x16    Sold

This is the second painting I did at Riverbend Park during the the 4th Annual Plein Air Festival.  I took this picture on site before I was finished and then never got another before it sold. Tip of the Day: Be sure you get good photos of your work before they hang at the venue when participating in events because they often sell and you never get another chance!

Riverbend Park is awesome! We saw a lot of wildlife . This large turtle was sunning on a palm trunk hanging out over the water...White Egrets were flying through the landscape...Afterwards I wished I'd tried to render them into the painting! That would have added a nice spark....I need to think about a larger studio painting !

On a local note....I am participating in two shows in April:  

Here in Poulsbo I will have 3 paintings featuring water along with 34 other regional artists at our local frame shop and gallery, Artists Edge.  If you are in town please join me April 7th for the opening reception from 5-8pm....I would love to say hi! Get more info HERE

In West Seattle I will be participating in an invitational art show curated by Diane Venti of Alki Arts at Brace Point Pottery. In this show I will have 17 plein air and studio paintings from around Washington State. Join me and other Alki Artists for "Old Home Week" at Brace Point Pottery opening April 9th from 4-8pm.  get more info HERE

Last but by no means least, The Cole Gallery "Aniversary Show" is still happening at The Cole Gallery in Edmonds. Stop by and see some of the best representational artists working today.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Riverbend Cabanas" 4th Annual Plein Air Festival, Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, Fl, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Riverbend Cabanas"  16x12 oil on linen   Sold

It's best to have a plan of action when you are in competitions like this one. I like to keep it simple. Spending the least amount of time driving around looking for a subject as possible. Riverbend Park was perfect! It was on the top three list of places to paint for good reason. You could set up and do two paintings from the same spot or without losing time hiking too far. I was walking along the river seeing a lot of good stuff to paint when I turned around and saw this scene with the thatched cabanas. I think this was my best painting of the week but it didn't sell and won no award....I've found that I really can't judge my own work very well....but I still love this painting!...and will enjoy having it around ...untill you buy it!! =]

Friday, March 17, 2017

"Juno Beach Pier" 4th Annual Plein Air Festival, lighthouse Art Center, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Juno Beach Pier" 11x14 oil on linen panel   $850  

The second painting I completed on the first day of competition had a bit of story to it. While I was watching people come and go at the bus stop they always looked longingly at the beach and I'm sure they were trying to decide "work or water"....So thankful my job can give me both!!

I was also glad that I brought brand new Rosemary brushes with me! The new chiseled edges of the Eclipse series, faux mongoose were just what I needed to render those tricky palm fronds!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"The Sun Will Come" Juno Beach, Lighthouse Art Center, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"The Sun Will Come" 9x14 oil  SOLD

I had been trying for a few years to get into the Lighthouse Art Center, Palm Beach Plein Air painting competition and made the cut this year in 2017. It worked out very well for Ann and I to go and spend some time visiting with her sister Nancy and husband Lowell. They graciously offered their "truck" (Cadillac SUV) for our use to drive down to Palm Beach.

Devin Roberts painting
a nocturne during the
Palm Beach Plein Air

The first night after registration Devin Roberts and I looked around and found a spot to try a nocturne. Mine was a disaster so I packed up early and got some sleep before heading out early for Juno Beach. The weather was supposed to get better as the week progressed but the day started out cloudy with sun breaks and strong wind . I managed to get the beach painting above from under the Juno Beach Pier where there was some shelter from the elements.

The first day we arrived I did the little 6x8 warm up below to get the ball
 rolling and was glad I did when the competition got started!

Juno Beach warm up  6x8 oil    $100