Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Riverbend Cabanas" 4th Annual Plein Air Festival, Lighthouse Art Center, Tequesta, Fl, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Riverbend Cabanas"  16x12 oil on linen   Sold

It's best to have a plan of action when you are in competitions like this one. I like to keep it simple. Spending the least amount of time driving around looking for a subject as possible. Riverbend Park was perfect! It was on the top three list of places to paint for good reason. You could set up and do two paintings from the same spot or without losing time hiking too far. I was walking along the river seeing a lot of good stuff to paint when I turned around and saw this scene with the thatched cabanas. I think this was my best painting of the week but it didn't sell and won no award....I've found that I really can't judge my own work very well....but I still love this painting!...and will enjoy having it around ...untill you buy it!! =]


Darrell Anderson said...

I agree with you on this one, Rob. It is a wonderful painting. I especially like the way you interpreted the trees and gave them depth by subduing each layer as they receded into the distance. Great job!

Lavon said...

I love this piece, too, Robin. It is fabulousso!

Mary Rochelle said...

Don't understand not winning an award because you are right...it's gorgeous! One of your best!

Brent Sharp said...

Wow. I wished I could have seen both the painting and the place in real life!
Really love your painting style.