Saturday, December 01, 2007

" Crows" monotype print

Thought I'd post my first monotype print. This was done from a photograph taken on Bainbridge Island at the Texico station. A favorite spot for working guys to get their lunch during the day. If it's not me , sombody is throwing out french fries ,potato chips or something for the seagulls and crows. I always get out my camera and try for pics of crows with attitude.

Monotype printing is easy, you just roll out some ink on a plexiglass plate and then wipe away the highlights. I'm already thinking of images that would be good for printing. SOLD


Bill Sharp said...


I found your blog through Elio Comacho. This is a great image. I especially like the gesture of the front crow. Great drawing.

You have some really terrific work here glad I stopped by.


Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Bill! and thanks for stopping by. Your portraits are great! I have to start doing more sketching.

Anonymous said...

Wow, cool. Have you seen Nathan Oliveira's monotype prints? This medium makes some really striking images.

I agree with Bill Sharp about the crow in the front.

Mike said...

Doctor Weiss . . . .you can draw! Wow! You had us all waiting to see these guys on monotype.

Q: How do you press the paper down on the plexi?

Q: Is the paper damp when you make the pressing?

Q: What sort of colorant (pigment or ink) are you using?

Q: How big the sheet?

I have a bunch more. Tell us mooooooorrrrre!!! This is really interesting stuff.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Silvi, I have not, but I will check out his site. thanks for the tip.

Robin Weiss said...

Funny Mike, I was hanging around the studio tired and burned out. Didn't feel like painting so Leigh inks up this plate and hands it to me . Had this crow picture laying there and started fooling with it. Thats fun. Got me going again!

I'll try to answer your questions but I don't know all that much about it.

A: By means of a $7000.00 printing press but i'm sure there is a less costly alternative.

A: Yes. You soak the paper thoroughly

A:Printing ink is similar to oil paint but has much more pigment and different binders depending on what type of printing you are doing.

A:This was a 11x14 some kind of German made paper I think.

Email me if you want more info, I'll ask Leigh if there is another method of transfering the image.

Don Gray said...

Very fine monotype, Robin. Definitely Crows with attitude!I've done quite a bit of monotype in the past. You inspire me to want to do it again.

Robin Weiss said...

Hey Don, Thanks, It is alot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work. Is this for sale? I don't see a link to the price or the auction?

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Rev,

Thanks for your kind comment. The print is one of a kind . It is 9x12 $75.00 unframed. You can email me at

Greta said...

At first I thought this was a photograph. It is so beautiful. It is your frist monotype??? Goodness!!! Is there any hope for me? I'm taking my first monotype printing workshop on Saturday.

Will you post other artwork?