Monday, December 03, 2007

"Road Sign" Mt Rainier, updated

Got the day off today...yippi-ki-yea......because......well check out the picture of the studio below. That about says it all....and then behind that came...torrential rains and high winds.... The gov. declared the whole western side of the state a disaster area. Homes flooded, bridges out, roads closed. I feel actual pain when I see these homes flooded out because I was one of them several years back. Fortunately they replaced a culvert under the road that was the culprit and it swallowed all the water this time, P.T.L.

Anyway, I got to paint today and I worked on the Mt Rainier piece. This is one of those paintings that looks alot better in person. I also did a couple more to post later.Sold

Update on the "Crows" monotype....I guess you really need a printing press to do these except Leigh told me that some artists used steam rollers back in the 60s and huge paper. Also she said you can use ordinary oil paint and then a cloths pin for rolling but it won't look the same........By the way this print is about 9x12 , one of a kind (mono)type, $75.00

We ended up with about seven inches of snow before the monsoon hit. A one day winter wonderland.


Anonymous said...

beautiful painting Robin! those colors in the distance are gorgeous. Glad to hear you were safe from the floods this time.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Silvi, so far so good.

The picture of the painting doesn't do it justus and the painting doesn't do the real thing justus.

Bill Sharp said...

Nice one Robin. This summer I did some mountain paintings in Hood River and found them deceptively hard to paint. They are way lighter and cooler than you think they are. You've done a great job of setting it back.

We skipped the snow and went right for the monsoon down here in Portland. 129 MPH wind gust on the coast.

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Bill, Yes deceptively hard is right! I'm still working on it. Trying to nail my first impression of the scene when I first saw it.

Wow you got slammed! Thats some high powered wind! I'm surrounded with trees, BIG trees, Just a branch came down and it tore the mirror off my pickup and cracked the windshield.

Mike said...

Rob . . .We watched the news this morning and saw Hwy 5 under 10 feet of water up there! We live in large trees, too and am scared to death one will fall through our roof when the big storms hit.

Ours are nothing compared to yours, though! Sorry bout your truck!!

This painting is a knockout! Just subtle enough on the edges, yet Ranier is a stunner! Way to Go!!!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Mike, There's two choices cut all your trees down or sleep in the basement when the storms hit,... that is if you have one....which I don't.