Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Father and Son" farm life, oil painting

There is an interesting book in the studio called "Farm Life". It documents in black and white photos, the life of a farm family through two generations. The photographer and author lived with the family on and off during the life of a boy until he grew up, married and had his own family. I have looked through this book many times and find it not only a fascinating account of one aspect of American life but an inspirational source for painting subjects when I have forgotten my images and can't go outside to paint.
I added the painting in the drawing phase. Charcoal thinned with turps.


Ann said...

Rob, I love the emotion in this painting...the strength and gentleness of the father; the vulnerability of the son. The protection of the father's embrace reminds me of the comfort I find in my Heavenly Father. You capture it beautifully.

Robin Weiss said...

Ann, Thank you for the kind comments. you have suggested exactly the sentiments that drew me to the photograph.... The Fathers true heart.

Mike said...

Hey Rob . . .Just stoppin' by to wish you a happy new year.

I been out of it for a few weeks but anxious to get back into the mode again!

My best!

Robin Weiss said...

Mike , have a great new year! Looking forward to seeing what you do in 08!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!
Good work on these figures. You really captured the expressions. I like the warm canvas peeks thru the blue sky.
Hope you're well.

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Silvina! Thank you and happy New Year to you!

Yes I am well and working on some large canvases right now so posting is sparse.

D. Sisson said...

Robin, I agree with the comments about this painting! I also want you to know that you've been tagged which means link back to my blog for instructions. Your work is simply great!

Mike said...

Forsooth, forsooth !! What hath become of our good buddy, Robin??

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,

I just found my way to your blog today and am very impressed with your work. I was particularly drawn to this painting and agree with Ann. You captured a wonderful moment in this painting. All of your work is quite brilliant. I am looking forward to seeing more.