Thursday, October 03, 2013

"Alpine Meadow" from Artists Point , plein air, landscape painting by Robin Weiss and other stuff..

"Alpine Meadow"  12x9 oil on panel   $425
I think you can tell by this painting that the day was clear, sunny and HOT!  We found some nice shade to wait out the heat of the early afternoon by the Chalet ....Usually high noon does not afford great light or shadows to paint but we made the most of it anyway.
Mark resting

Yes it was sunny. Yes it was HOT! ....and yes, that is a snow bank behind Marks Easel! in August no less.... That's Mount Baker! 

So, about the "other stuff" ...My good friend Derek Gundy from Artist Edge in Poulsbo has been working on a website for me and we have launched the official website of artist Robin Weiss!  You can check it out HERE!

There is also a "Store" where you will be able to purchase some cool stuff like T-shirts and Calendars....There will be other stuff as we go along too.

Be sure to check out up coming shows to see what is on the calendar for those who live in the Seattle area.


Lavon said...

Hi Robin, Love your website. However I think the slide show goes too fast. Also, I think one of the paintings might be mislabeled or the wrong painting with the title shown.

Darrell Anderson said...

What a nice warm glow you got on this one that suffuses all your colors, and yet it says 'here in the mountains blasted by sun'. Nice job on the new website too.

Scarlet Owl said...

Robin--this is fantastic plein air painting. May I ask your paint pigment for this? Thanks so much and happy painting, Aimee said...

Love the vibrancy of your paintings and this one is a real winner for capturing the light.