Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Sun Dance" "rose painting" series #4 by Robin Weiss

"Sun Dance"  7x7 oil on panel   Sold
Faces turned towards the sun, soaking it in, a beautiful miracle of color and light.  I painted the dark areas first and then modeled the subtle lights within....you can watch me paint if you come to Arts in the Woods Studio Tour , second week in November!....=] Hope to see you there!


Mary Pyche said...

Gee, now all I need is scratch and snif capabilities for my computer! Gorgeous color, beautiful roses!

Lavon said...

love these. the other two I saw where very pretty, but I enjoy more the juxtaposition of dark and light; also enjoying the glow of the light thru the blossom.

Dianne said...

Gorgeous. I love the way the sunlight glows through the petals. All in a 7X7 canvas!