Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Check it Out" Seattle city, urban oil painting by Robin Weiss.

"Check it Out" 6x11 oil on panel   sold
Across from the Bread of Life Mission in Seattle is an alley I have painted a few times before. These guys were hanging out one evening as we were waiting for the team to show up for service. I was hoping they would come over for the meal but didn't see them in the sanctuary.
  Bread of Life is a great mission in the city that is still quite active. Some missions have had to close down due to the economic stress. This one has programs for folks wanting to beat addictions and get back to work. They also offer a meal and a bed for anyone who signs in.
Mission Alley 8x10 sold
Bread of Life 8x10 sold

Here are a couple more paintings done around the mission.


Lavon said...

wonderful painting. love the human detail, the bricks, the metal garage door. do you do these on small stretched canvases or what? I just love your palette.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Lavon!

I use gessoed wood panels for most smaller paintings. We are also working on making canvas panels of our own using linen and cotton canvas.

For larger paintings I have been stretching my own canvases.

Ann said...

You do the "gritty city" scenes better than anyone! I love the story in this one...