Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Fir and Field study" plein air landscape by Robin Weiss

"Fir and Field Study" 8x10 oil on panel
I have been taking breaks in between studio work for the Alki show and going out into the field by the Knowles Studio to paint "En Plein Aire" . I love the change of the seasons here! Leigh is planning a group show in July and I will exhibit all my Plein air paintings done on site. There are quite a few of them now! I'll post a few in the days ahead and more info on the show and who will be in it. The Knowles Studio is open most Saturdays for those of you who would like to visit.


Darrell Anderson said...

Another nice one! That little building in the distance really pulls it together.

Lavon said...

I, too, noticed that little bldg in distance. Nice! I love how yoy captured the widness of the douglas fir. My folks were quite hard up when I was a kid. One of the things they did to make money was pick douglas cones and sell them to Wehrhauser. Of course there were designated areas to do this. So I was often in the top of these monsters with my burlap bag picking away. The squirrels would be quite upset because they were picking, too!

Where is Knowles Studio located?

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Darrell!

Hi Lavon, Thank you! I'll email you today with directions...It will be nice to visit with you!