Saturday, May 12, 2012

"The Studio Gate" oil landscape painting, by Robin Weiss

There is a nice apple tree by the gate as you enter the studio parking lot. When it is in full spring blossom the entryway is transformed into ...well....a painting!

Here is the set up with my mobile hand truck . Works great for locations that you can easily get to..As you can see the weather is getting better for plein air.

If you are interested in seeing an artist that loves to paint in all kinds of weather, check out Roos Schuring.  She is getting quite a bit of deserved recognition on the internet. A great video of how she approaches plein air painting has recently been posted to her blog. You can check it out HERE

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Lavon said...

Loving the colors. Your grasp of the NW vibe is jus a phenom to me. I am so hoping you visit the Arboreteum and do a series of the vistas to be had there. And some of the old towns on the Sound. Oh dear I could just go on. I like your paintings better than photos because they have character and feel like memories.