Sunday, April 29, 2012

Calico Basin at Red Rock Canyon, plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Calico Basin Rock Rhythms" 8x10 oil on canvas panel
Our plans were to go on to the Grand Canyon after the convention so I had Sunday evening to paint after everyone else headed home. I found a nice little spot to set up and began this painting. When I was finishing up another artist bounded down the hill and introduced himself as Thomas Jefferson Kitts! He had a friend with him named Brenda Boylan and all of a sudden I  had some painting buddies!!
"Brenda at Work" 7x7 oil on panel
  Now I wanted to stay and do another painting! Since everyone else was painting the scene I just painted, without moving my set up to another location I just turned a bit and painted Brenda in action. I also had my eye on Thomas to see how one of the real pros began his approach...
   It was a highlight of the convention for me. Gods awesome creation, paint, canvas and new friends who love plein air painting. Nice to have someone to laugh and share it with!

  You can view Thomas Jefferson Kitts awesome paintings HERE

  You can view Brenda Boylans fabulous work HERE

And now, if you can stand it......another installment of the promised video ....staring Juan Valdez as artist Robin Weiss.....



Darrell Anderson said...

Like the movement in the painting of Brenda....her stance, the body angle, the wind on her apron. Reminds me that plein air is sometimes like a sword fight. The guy you got to play you in the video doesn't do a very good should have done it yourself.

Robin Weiss said...

Ha! Thanks Darrell! Brenda did have that "Zorro" look to her!

Vargas Art Studio said...

Great View!