Monday, April 23, 2012

First Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo, plein air paintings by Robin Weiss

Red Rock Canyon from the Overlook, 8x10 oil on panel that we are back home I can post all about the First Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo held at Red Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. We have been gone about 12 days and took a whirl-wind tour of the Grand Canyon and Zion National parks. I did nine plein air paintings on this trip in some extreme conditions. These paintings are meant to be studies and color notes for larger paintings. As you can see in this study the weather during the first few days was wet. Rain and mist kept blowing through the canyon and changed by the minute.

Jeremy Lipking demonstrates the portrait at the first Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo
The overlook at Red Rocks National Conservancy Area
The first time I had the chance to paint was after two days of classes and demonstrations . We learned a lot about marketing and saw some of the best painters in the business do on stage demos.   Jeremy Lipking set up with Alexy Steel and Tony Pro for an on stage portrait demonstration. We also got to see Richard Robinson, Ken Auster , Ned Muellar, Matt Smith and many other great artists paint and explain their process. It was great and I picked up some good tips.There was also a lot of vendors selling their wares....I highly recomend Rosemary brushes if you haven't tried them yet .     I'll be posting my paintings and pictures of the trip over the next few days so stay tuned. If you have any questions about the convention, what I learned  or the paintings, feel free to email me at                                                                                                           

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