Friday, December 27, 2013

"Last Stand" Seattle City oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Last Stand" 18x14 oil on canvas   $830
Everyone who lives in Seattle knows that the Alaskan Way Viaduct is slated for removal by late 2015 and a complete re-design of the Seattle waterfront by 2019. They are now in the process of drilling a deep-bore tunnel using a 57 foot bore drill made in Japan and shipped by freighter to the US! I have been painting the Viaduct from various perspectives in an effort to record the history for posterity. 

I started in my usual method by beginning with an under-painting to establish value and composition using a reddish toned thin wash that will peek through as I cover the canvas.

When I arrived at this stage of finish I was not happy with the texture of the paint. It was too thin and needed more build up. I went over the entire canvas with another layer of paint mostly applied by palette knife and achieved what I was aiming for.


robin peterson said...

Great instincts! The final piece has soul... a powerful image & icon of "old" Seattle. Inspiring, thanks!

Lavon said...

Robin, Thank you for sharing this. The final version really pops, but I also love the version before. The underpainting is cool.