Sunday, October 15, 2006


A couple weeks ago I went on a hike up the Dungeness river trail with a group from church. Heres a painting from one of the pictures I took , and the preliminary sketch. THIS PAINTING IS SOLD


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a surprise to see the drawing, and then the painting. Very nice. The drawing has a crispness, particularly in the leaf forms. The colors are beautiful in the painting and I like the way you developed the flow up and back to the left of the yellow leaves. The painted leaves don't have the clarity of the drawing but the color introduces a dramatic quality that the drawing doesn't have.

There is a broad light area to the right that in the drawing looks as though you were seeing into the distance through a few twigs but in the painting has become a puzzling volume of unknown origin that resembles a giant cocoon.

I enjoy following the progression from the earthy green leaves in the low foreground into the yellow and orange leaves and then into the green in the distance. Nice movement in space. I suppose the violet-blue of the tree trunks helps set off the yellow and orange of the foreground leaves.

Another thing, the edges created by the dark background around the yellow leaves creates the forms of the leaves. In previous paintings the light forms created by the dark background edges take on strange forms that don't feel like natural forms.

Nice shorthand treatment of the leaves. The line communicates the type of leaf without getting too fussy with exactness.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when I checked out your site tonaight. Good going, Rob.

Daily Paintings said...

very nice!

Gretchen Kelly said...

I really like seeing the pencil sketch then the painting - I really like your work. I think I will show some of my start to finish work. It lets you into the Artist's world a little bit more when you see the visual steps....