Sunday, December 10, 2006

Moonlight Snow: daily painting, winter landscape

I almost tossed this painting and then I added the falling snow and it somehow pulled it togeather for me, but I have been staring at it for too long. I would love a critique from some kind soul. SOLD


Marnee said...

Hello there. There are many wonderful things about the bottom image. The composition is very intriguing and conveys, very well, the quite solitude that must be this place. I agree that the snow falling pulls it all together. I imagine that it adds the bit of rhythm to the whole that integrates the parts.

The color composition is also very good -- the purples play off each other well. There is a good rhythm to the whole thing. You are quite obviously a very good artist.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Marnee, for the kind comments and the thoughtful critique.