Sunday, March 18, 2007

Moonlight Snow, revisited. watercolor landscape

I'm revisiting this painting on my blog for three reasons

  1. I like it alot, I think it is more impressive in person , you can see the snow coming down alot better.
  2. My camera got stolen at Central Market when I ran in to get some cucumber rolls for breakfast at the sushi stand. I can't download my new paintings.
  3. This painting is available now in a giclee reproduction for $70.00 including shipping. The image measures 10x18 in. original SOLD


William K. Moore said...

You are correct Robin.. great piece! Too bad about the camera.. no shortage of thieves - anywhere. Good news is there are many decent inexpensive digital cameras. Back to the painting.. to draw trees well is itself daunting and to add them into a composition in an interesting way ia an accomplishment. You have done both. Thanks for posting this work!

Cooper Dragonette said...

Terrific painting Robin. Great composition and temperature and mood.Do you know the work of Margarite Robichaux (Maine)? How do you paint trees so well?!

Jennifer McChristian said...

Lovely! Much subtly, mystery and atmosphere in this one.
I like the placid, horizontal composition as well.

Sorry about the camera :-(

Robin Weiss said...

Your right W.K., the prices on digital cameras are coming down. I picked one up today. Gonna try a Nikon this time.
Thanks for the encouraging comments!

Robin Weiss said...

Cooper, I have various techniques for rendering trees with watercolor that I have been using for years and have taught in several workshops.
These trees are pulled up with a #1 rigger or script brush and the upper branches swept out with a bamboo sumi brush in a dry brush stroke.
I use the sumi brush alot for foliage.
Did a search on Margarite Robichaux and got nothing. send a link if you got.
Thanks for the comments!

Robin Weiss said...

Hey thanks Jennifer! I always look forward to your posts.

Ron Morrison said...

Fine winter work, Robin.