Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bainbridge Island vinyards, plein air, landscape, oil

I had a great day spending time with my son Maury . We started out plein air painting at the Bainbridge Island Winery. Then went over to the Art Institute of Seattle. Maury took a placement test and I sat at a street cafe eating shrimp and drinking Coronas with lime. 10x6, oil on masonite panel, $ 100.00 Sold
The artist in action.

This is a sketch of Maury napping on the ferry.

Heres the Art Intitute of Seattle where Maury will hopefully be attending college in the fall.


Maury Weiss said...

Ya I had alot of fun painting and walkin Seattle. Your painting turned out pretty awsome, see ya later.

Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Robin,

Sounds like you and Maury had a great time in Seattle.

You captured a very convincing sense of radiant sunshine and warmth in your painting. I like the composition and the drawing is solid (...those luscious 'spring' greens are dazzling!)

ming said...

you are very talented & humble

Robin Weiss said...

Jennifer, thanks for your faithful commenting. You know how to cheer a guy up.

The spring greens are in!Fun trying to mix all those shades of green

Your portraits are awsome!

Robin Weiss said...

Hey Ming, your blog is a hoot! thanks for stopping by.

les lull said...

Great work Robin. Alot of air in your work. Nice fresh brushstrokes as well. I added your bloglink on mine. Wonder if you would be kind enough to do the same.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Les, I'll git ya on there.

Anybody who visits my blog and you havn't seen Les Lull's painting, your in for a treat.