Monday, June 04, 2007

red boat

I went down to the Poulsbo marina to paint on a nice Saturday afternoon. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Breakfast at Sheilas was yummy. My first attempt at painting the boats was a disaster. I got way too complicated with masts and reflections and other boats and just junk in the composition. It was very frustrating. So I just grabbed my biggest chunking brush and smeared it all into three major shapes and then modeled the boat a bit and called it good. Can't win em all.


Mike said...

Know what, Robin? This is a good one! No kidding! The simplicity gives it a moody sense.

BTW . . .thanks for coming by and commenting at my blog. Believe it. It means a lot to me!


Robin Weiss said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mike.

Jeff Mahorney said...

Yeah I think you won this battle. It's beautiful and the story comes across stronger that if were filled with details.