Monday, September 24, 2007

The Flower Vendor, painting in progress

Lets see, alot has been happening that has kept me from painting besides painters block and the fact that my mom got run over in the Albertsons parking lot by another senior citizen who apparently could not see over the dash board of her car. bad news is mom sustained a broken left wrist and right foot but she gained a new friend.

I did get a chance to get some new photos while showing my cousin Sandy, her hubby Rich and my aunt Bea around town last week.

I jumped back into painting with this ambitious (for me) 28x22 inch stretched canvas of a flower vendor at the Pike street market in Seattle. This one will take awhile but I got a good start on it today while waiting to take my mom to the doctors.

This is Aunt Bea from Perry Ohio. Seems my week was full of fiesty seniors. We had a great time!


Mike said...

Hey There, Robin!

I was just going to email you to see if you were okay. Glad to see all is well . . .not glad to hear of your mom's misfortune and injuries. Nice to see your chin is up!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Mike! I'm hangin in there and moms a trooper. Hope all goes well with the open studio!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

So sorry to hear about your mothers mis-hap. Hope she mends fast.

Pike Street Market is always good for inspriation. Your painting looks like a better than great start to me. I don't think you have too much more to do.