Wednesday, November 12, 2008

City Team needs your help!

I am re-posting this image to bring attention to a well respected charity in Seattle called "City Team". They minister to the needy and homeless in Seattle, providing meals, housing, a safe place to get off the streets and spend the night, some schooling and much needed help in many other ways.

City Team may be closing it's doors due to the economic slow down if enough money is not raised soon. there will be a telethon on Thursday from 6:00 am till 6:00 pm on KGNW 820 am. Please call in and donate what you can for this good ministry to the less fortunate in Seattle.

This painting is Sold

Ways to donate, mail a check to:

City Team
904 Elliot Ave., West
Seattle , WA. 98119

Or donate by paypal or credit card at please notate on check or online Seattle Telethon


Ann said...

Thank you for drawing attention to this worthwhile cause! I hope the City Team ministry is able to continue...I'm sure it will be needed now more than ever. May God honor your willingness to speak on behalf of those who are hurting!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I transfer a little something via paypal?

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Annie! Yes!, It is a very important and successful program helping many conquer addiction and escape poverty.

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Amanda! I don't think that City Team is set up to receive paypal donations at this time. I know that you are in Australia so it would be hard to mail a donation. If you would like to make a donation by paypal to my account I will make sure that it gets to City Team.

Anyone else interested in mailing a check or money order to the City Team ministry can make it out to

City Team
904 Elliot Ave. West
Seattle, WA. 98119

Be sure to write on the check Seattle Telethon

Derek Gundy said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this Robin. I will be making a small donation after Payday. Many of us, even as artists, are so lucky in this world while many others are not. Hope other readers can continue to help as well!

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks Derek! City Team is a place where folks who didn't think there was anywhere that they could find comfort, hope or family, find it through the doors of this outreach.

I have just learned that donations by paypal or credit card can be made at City Teams website,

Vikki North said...

Great cause and beautiful painting Robin. It's unfortunate that charity services like this are the first to suffer the problem with our economy.

It's terrific that you featured it and best of luck with the charity.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Vikki!

I will let you all know things work out for City Team.