Friday, May 22, 2009

"The Walker" figure landscape painting

I captured this image as I was walking back from Faith Bible Church on 13th and Yessler a few Sundays back. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the light was illuminating the spring flowering trees.

8x10 oil on panel sold


Unknown said...

Wow... it looks like a huge heavenly umbrella protecting the 'walker'. Another awesome image Robin!

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Sheila! Always nice to have a "heavenly umbrella"! That may be a better title...

boneman said...

So, this morning I was researching pictures of Mt. Rainier, and a painting from 2007 popped up, and your site.
Wow! It never occurred to me to look in this manner for other artists.
(we'll just say I'm still trying to figure out this computer contraption, eh?)
Started blogging back in 06 looking for other artists, but found more photographers and poets than i could shake a stick at.
(just an expression, as i would never shake a stick at either of those types...I write poetry, too, and take more pictures than i should....) (musicians? Nah. I also write music, plunk a guitar and make pretty noise with a piano)

Anyway, here you are.
So, where have you been hiding?
The West Coast, where else?

Well, heck.
Can't just stand around here jawing away the day.
I'll book mark the page (for a while there, I was taking a piece of tape, notebook paper, marking down the address and taping it to the screen. Then one of my friends kids came over and complained he couldn't see the screen. I explained I had 'bookmarked' the pages to go back to....after After rolling on the FLOOR laughing, he showed me the lil star up there....) and hopefully get back and poke around some.

Robin Weiss said...

Boneman, Glad you found the site! Seems we have a lot in common...I "plunk" a guitar a bit myself...

Had to lol at your computer skills since we have all been there and I more than most!

Stop in any time and I'll get over to check out your work...

James Parker said...

Robin, you do have a super gift for manipulating contrast to create a stunning effect. Love it!

Jill Berry said...

Your tree is glowing!
Your work is extraordinary.
Not sure how I haven't run across your plein air blog until now.
Just saw you on Becky Joy's blogroll.