Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Point No Point Lighthouse in Spring" Washington state , oil landscape painting

Annie and I took a walk on the beach a few weeks back when we had a miraculous sun break. It's been a very wet spring in the Pacific Northwest!

Point no Point is where we had our first date. It is amazing to think of all the adventures we have been through since that first date and how God has blessed us in and through it all. Go back to the archives July 2008 to check out where we were then....=]

20x16 oil on canvas sold


Kim Rempel said...

Well done! Wonderful colour. And I checked out where you were in 2008 : ) LOVE the painting of the primary school house.

Anonymous said...

Red roof, blue sky and all that driftwood... lovely! You seem to find plenty of light to put in your paintings, despite the days of gloomy skies! Like those rhododendrons in your previous post.
There is a place on Lake Pepin along the Mississippi River in Minnesota called "Point-no-Point" near where I learned to sail. I have fond memories of that place, too, and a painting of it in pastels by a good friend.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Kim! Those are some wonderful memories for us and we hope to go back some day.

Robin Weiss said...

Hi Don! Thanks man! I love a brilliant red roof! Especially on a white building with contrasting blue sky...We have a lot of light houses that fit the bill here in Washington....The color and vibrancy of our respective atmospheres are so different....as soon as I click on your site I begin to warm up!